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  2. Roofi

    1000 Line Community Project - Released

    I continue my stream (I start on map 06 where I died).
  3. Walter, it'd be good. You can keep it a secret map if you want.
  4. printz

    New features added in Eternity

    Currently the only way to change sky is with the MBF transfer special or its Static_Init UDMF equivalent special, which only targets sectors by tag. Sky floor, ceiling and walls all get the same transfer if they face the same sector. UDMF inherited the "impact" specifier from Hexen, where it means any kind of "player attacks wall". I interpreted that to be equivalent to Doom's G* activation type, or more precisely to ExtraData's PLAYER|IMPACT. However, I realized that "vanilla" UDMF offers no option for monsters, which is already needed by classic constructs such as the classic GR door. I know ZDoom has something like "monsteractivates" for this, but I wanted a symmetrical equivalent to "MONSTER|IMPACT" here, allowing even monster-only triggers. Currently in Doom only hitscans have the effect. Heretic is different here. When I'm back at the PC I'll revisit the versatile ExtraData player/monster/missile/polyobject cross/use/shoot/push bipartite graph and see if there's anything missing in UDMF...
  5. Boilers!

    Anyone know how to edit levels for doom 3?

    Actually by Caffeine Freak too.
  6. Uni

    Same monsters, different blood

    I used to have an addon that I made by myself that enhances the core gameplay of Doom and one of the first changes I made was custom monster blood colors. If I remember correctly, it was as followed: Revenants and Lost Souls = Bullet puff sprite. Pain Elementals = Dark orange. Spectres = Fuzzy blood sprite. Cacodemons = Blue. Hell Knights and Barons = Green. Pretty sure that's it. I get that the Pain Elemental choice is rather odd but I still think it looks cool and sort of fitting to the general style of it.
  7. riderr3

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    I hope that it will not be like this: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/jow ;) P.S. Mapset with 15+ maps is also counting as megawad.
  8. NeedHealth

    Avoiding the "Room - Corridor - Room" Loop?

    Also give every 3rd room you draw a height difference.
  9. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    I'm just diving into mapping for Doom and I'm 100% trying for one-off maps to start. It's gonna be lame, it's gonna be a bit disheartening to start. But when those single maps get to a good quality, then I can start submitting to Community WADs and Mapping Competitions and have my work be part of a big whole without having to do it all myself. It's an exciting path even if it's gonna take time. No reason you can't do the same :)
  10. Zulk RS

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    Tangentially related. This takes me back to 2014 when "I just downloaded a map editor, then I was making a megaWAD". It was hot garbage. However, I think I had more fun making those hot garbage maps than I do making maps now. Mostly because now I know more things about mapping and thus, have more things to worry about. Or maybe it could be that the magic of "HOLY SHIT I CAN MAKE DOOM MAPS!" has died out. With that out of the way, ask yourself what you really want. If you're just here to have a good time and not be the next Cacoward winner, just make your megawad and just have fun. It''s 99.99% likely your maps will be hot garbage but as long as you don't spam the forums or bother anyone else, who cares as long as your having fun. By making these hot garbage maps, you'll be able to figure out how mapping works and what map format you're comfortable with. Once you do that, then you can start actually making maps meant for other people to play. These are the maps that should be posted for feedback and then improved based on feedback. If you want a faster way to get better at mapping, single maps or sets of 4-5 maps really is the fastest way to get better. I don't think it's a very fun way but it is efficient and it is fast.
  11. OrbitalSpaceGarbage

    Perception of Doom

    I don't think I've ever been "scared" by Doom. Even when I first played it when I was around 6/7. Quake, however, scared me shitless. I still think Quake has much more capacity for scares than Doom has. It's slower, darker and generally spookier.
  12. JonaG

    NoYe demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP12 nomo in 0:05 (5.94) MAP12 pacifist in 0:08 (8.71) MAP22 nomo in 0:09 (9.89) MAP23 NM speed in 0:04 (4.69) Really cool maps, I have so much fun playing these. ny12o594.zip ny12p871.zip ny22o989.zip ny23n469.zip
  13. Revenant100

    Bethesda and the Classic iD titles

    You're forgetting the most important part: All aspects of the Doom canon, as well as the associated Quake, Wolfenstein, and Commander Keen canon which are unquestionably established to be part of the same universe, don't matter at all since they're simply part of a fictional game series within the RAGE universe, including the upcoming Doom Eternal aka Doom 5. RAGE 2 is also merely a fictional game within the RAGE universe. Ergo, nothing in the id universe outside of RAGE 1's canon matters anymore, and the only storyline that has any possibility of going anywhere from now on is RAGE itself. However, it needs to be followed up by a sequel than isn't RAGE 2. Additionally, Doom Eternal will add quite literally nothing of value to the known canon. QED.
  14. Today
  15. Nine Inch Heels

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    Look, I'm not gonna cast pearls at the swine when I feel like you don't even care to read what I wrote up. By all means, if you think you're the "super special <1% of mapper material" the (Doom)World has been waiting for, by all means, go right ahead and bash your head into a brick wall. All I'll say is that quite a few mappers went down the "I just downloaded a map editor, now I'm making a megaWAD" sort of path, and this misguided approach has literally ended the career of a few mappers over time because they got frustrated and crushed by the burden of their own overambition, and never really tried making maps again. We've seen this happen in the past, which is why people generally advise not to go straight megawad if you're new, no matter what mapsize you have in mind. If you want to become a "professional mapper", like you called it, then single map releases or perhaps short episodes are the way to go, because more feedback earlier means improving faster, and I'll leave it at that. Still think you're smarter than us? Go right ahead and prove us wrong, show us a decent medium sized map with implemented difficulty settings in 11-12 days from now, and another 11 after, and another 12 days after. If you think you got what it takes, that's the pace you need to get a megawad over the course of a year.
  16. I got a bit tired writing this and admittedly it does veer off near the end. I mentioned it though. Not every game can go without a vertical axis these days. But its not for want of headshots that Fortnite uses the vertical axis so well. I just wanted hint at the possibility of a BR game without the vertical axis is certainly possible. But these games are not really considered for their artistry and yeah I did not bother rubbing it in Epic's face that people dont think Fortnite is artistic. I didnt want to not mention BR games since they are so popular, even if they do not cater to classical DOOM's playstyle. And Ultimately, even if a game does allow for viewing upward on the vertical axis, map design not requiring the player to manually look up and down is more intuitive and therefore better map design. I think puzzles that demand you look for cobwebs are less fun than ones with more immediacy. A classical BR game would probably have to be something like Helldivers meets the legend of Zelda. And I wanted to bring up Zelda & Doom in this post but decided to hit the hay. I might add more to this later. Was thinking 'metroidvania' is the wrong word for DOOM style gameplay and that 'ZELDOOM' might be more accurate. Thanks though.
  17. finnks13

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Hi, thanks for recording my maps! I was expecting gameplay to be the biggest complaint about it which is completely fair, I think I do spam monsters too much and have most of the rooms able to be dealt with very easily with camping behind doors. Though I think one of the main reasons that it is so prevalent in the mapset is that my playstyle is very aggressive and I tend to rush through doors (often to my death) to take out stuff while not bothering to fight stuff behind doors where its much safer - this is also why there's a lot of health in the maps. I will say, I didn't realise about the light trick of being able to transfer darkness through the trick you mentioned. I think the areas look fine now but I'll keep that in mind for future. With Map01 specifically, I'm planning on getting rid of the route with the red room and narrow corridor as I think it plays significantly worse than the other room and the other room's main issue is that you can kill a lot of the monsters from the doorway which I should be able to fix. If I do that, I'll probably extend the blue section a bit (maybe another room or two, I'm not sure). About Map02, the lanterns in the first room look a bit weird because they used to have octagonal light, but that also meant lighting up the wall which looked pretty horrible to me so I changed them though there's probably a better way to do it. In this map, I'll widen most of the very narrow doorways (and make them stay open!) I'll alter the outside ambush as there are too many monster types in it, though they don't begin to teleport in until after you shoot when you're beyond the lake (though everyone I've seen play it has ran past everything and into the window immediately which sort of made that a non-issue so I may put a hellknight in the way so its a bit harder to do that). I'm not sure how those skylights got past me, they look really stupid. That trap in the room did trigger a bit further on but I thought it was too mean so I moved it closer to the door though I may change it back. On the whole, if the gameplay is the main issue with the maps, that's fine because that's more fixable than a horrible layout so I'll try to improve the combat when I've finished the entire set and begin trying to turn it into something more playable. Thanks again for recording the maps, I'm looking forward to the videos of Map03 and Map04!
  18. -TDRR-

    How to add custom maps on Brutal Doom 64???

    You don't, you have to choose one: Or the D64 Retribution maps, or the intro map.
  19. Nine Inch Heels

    Perception of Doom

    Alright, I'll have you know I started the day with a healthy breakfast and a nice espresso, so I'm pretty darn awake at this point. You can use whatever mods you want as much as you please, it really doesn't matter to me. But putting yourself on a pedestal for being oh so open minded because you use mods to get more mileage out of this game (Not like you're the first person to do this anyway), while you see fit to tell a community you joined most recently that they need to wake up... Not a good look in my opinion. If you wanted a discussion, and I mean an actual discussion, you'd also be fine with hearing opinions you don't agree with, but it turns out you're not really interested. Anyway, some of us value cohesiveness, and part of this cohesiveness is that textures, lighting and map geometry work well together. And for those of us who value cohesiveness, the notion of putting super-high-res texture mods into IWADs, which have very crude geometry by today's standards, just doesn't fly, like it or lump it. I mean just look at the first screenshot you have in the op, look at how different, quality wise, the floor texture is from the wall-textures... It's jarring. In that shot the floor looks like something straight out of a team fortress 2 custom map, while the wall texture is the typical "blurr-o-vision-texture-filtering-garbage" GZdoom produces by default ever since that fork had texture filtering. It's an instant immersion breaker, and my guess is that the only reason you don't see this is because you're playing on a smartphone. Which actually brings us full-circle: Classic Doom was visually cohesive, that's what contributed a great deal to how much of an impact it had when it got released.
  20. Jayextee

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    For fuck's sake, this is missing the point. A small episode of 3? Perhaps. An entire episode of 32? No. Not even if you've got the energy and dedication (and both are rare, a one-mapper 32-map set is a special rarity; an exception, not the rule) 32 maps of mediocre Babby's First maps isn't going to please anyone at all. Honestly, although there's no glamour or drama in sticking with single maps (or single-figure smaller episodes as an absolute maximum) to earn one's chops and skills, it's the best approach.
  21. DynamiteKaitorn

    Things about Doom you just found out

    More Heretic than DooM but I have noticed the episode 1 sky for Heretic has a noticeable Tutti-Frutti Error.
  22. Đeⓧiaz

    Anyone know how to edit levels for doom 3?

    Well, you need to download GtkRadiant (or just Doom 3 Radiant/Doom 3 Editor). This programm is similar to Doom Builder for classic Doom. Of course you will need some tutorial.
  23. BTSX E1's penultimate level (which is basically the ultimate level as last map is just a outro)
  24. Yeah i imagined it was something like that. I was asking because i wasn't really sure if it was because it conflicted with the project's goal, or something to that effect. It would be nice if at least they could add the GLBoom renderer or perhaps GZDoom 1.8.4's renderer, but maybe that is a lot of work too.
  25. Mordeth

    Anyone know how to edit levels for doom 3?

    No problem! Paging @DooM_RO, @Shaviro... two mappers currently involved in creating the Doom3: Phobos mod.
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