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  2. drygnfyre

    Doom version 1.666 with everything

    Oddly enough, I came across a floppy in my closet containing the Doom shareware. Unable to verify the version or even run it (I don't think I have a USB floppy drive), but it seems to be from early 1994 so it has to be an early version.
  3. Yesterday
  4. ketmar

    Doom or Quake Styled Projectiles?

    i like doom more. no, really, blowing a rocked straight in your face when you thought it will fit is priceless. not that i am using rockets/plasma alot, tho.
  5. Empyre

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Superman, but not the nerfed Superman of today. I mean the real Superman from when I was growing up, who could fly to a planet around another star, save that planet, and fly back to Earth before anybody notices that Clark Kent is missing. Some people say that he is too perfect, but that is exactly why I admire him. My real-life hero is not somebody that many people would think of as a hero, Mr. Rogers. I want to be more like him.
  6. Ribbiks

    Drawing Flats from SSECTORS?

    It seems like you already know how the grab the explicit ones (via the seg numbers and their corresponding coordinates derived from the SEGS lump). You can get the implicit ones by identifying segments of bsp lines that intersect with the explicitly-defined segs you already have. BSP lines are defined via the first 8 bytes in each NODE entry. An example from another renderer project can be found here (lines 659+). Another approach that has been taken (by jmickle for this project) was to bypass subsectors entirely, and directly triangulate the arbitrary shape defined by each linedef that references a particular sector. This is rather non-trivial and needs to account for lots of strange cases, relevant algorithms are defined here. (edit: or use gl nodes as described above)
  7. ketmar

    Drawing Flats from SSECTORS?

    you need gl nodes for that. vanilla subsectors are not necessarily convex polys (vanilla engine does flat rendering with screen-space floodfill algo). gl nodes were created exactly to solve this problem. of course, iwad levels doesn't have gl nodes built, so you have to call external nodebuilder (ajbsp, glbsp, zdbsp) somehow, and tell it to write generated gl nodes into separate wad, so you can read it. or port some node builder to c#, and do it on level loading (gzdoom, k8vavoom, 3dge, etc. are creating gl nodes on map loading, if map doesn't have one). sure, you can try to reconstruct convex polys from subsectors, but it can be tricky. some subsecors can have one sseg attached. it is impossible to reconstruct triangle from one sseg. ;-) you can also use sectors themselves to create polygons, and then use some algorithm to subdivide concave polygons to convex, but... some sectors even in vanilla maps are not closed contours. yeah, vanilla maps are buggy. ;-) so the best way is to use gl nodes built by some gl node builder.
  8. Magnusblitz

    Switcheroom 2 revival (All Maps Taken, Deadline August)

    New version of MAP15-as-Starport: http://www.mediafire.com/file/28zp1r6kua66a5g/map15-as-map02-v7.wad/file Fixed the texture misalignment in the nukage area. Didn't change any of the items... I'm fine with the chaingun being in the secret it's in now, especially since it's one that rewards knowing the original map. Same with the armor placement in the same spot, but I might be open to adding a vest or something on lower difficulties. I did delete the hell knight. As far as the lifts in the center, yeah, it can be a pain (especially if you're lost and backtracking a lot) but as you said, there's not enough visplanes for steps (which I originally had there) and I'd rather not flatten things out and lose any more verticality than it already has. I did change them to fast lifts, I know it doesn't make a huge difference but maybe it'll help a bit. I changed the RL/backpack switch from the greenish-grey to red, so it'll stick out more and be more noticeable.
  9. Empyre

    Acs code not working

    I see the problem. You have your ACS scripts in a lump named SCRIPTS, but LOADACS is looking for a lump named nope. Either change the name of the SCRIPTS lump to nope, to match what LOADACS is looking for, or change LOADACS to load the SCRIPTS lump, rather than the nope lump.
  10. ketmar

    Things about Doom you just found out

    looks like LOS checks are purely 2D in vanilla (i.e. height difference doesn't matter). at least this is what vavoom source code says. which raises interesting question: should 3d floors be ignored too?
  11. Nevander

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Spiderman for me. It's a fantasy of mine, to be the hopeless nerd in love with his dream girl, then randomly get super powers and turn into a badass to fight crime and eventually get the babe.
  12. Dark Pulse

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    If you're talking about the Super Secret level, nope. I'll give you four levels of hints - you decide how deep you want to be spoiled. God help you once you find that super secret level, by the way. But the payoff is worth it. Be glad you can save scum on Doom 64 EX, unlike the original Doom 64, where you'd have to complete the beast in one shot with no in-map saves.
  13. The way I handle this is to keep the maps totally separate from all other resources. So, you'll have WADs with only map related lumps (i.e. the MAP01 WAD is ONLY map lumps) and then 1 master WAD or PK3 with all your other resources (such as text lumps, sounds, textures, etc.). Include this master WAD as a resource in GZDB so any map you make has access to everything. If you need a new texture, add it to the master WAD only. Now it's time to use SLADE. When you are done mapping and ready to compile for testing as 1 file, open the master WAD and then open your map WADs one by one and copy the map data into your master WAD. When finished, save as a NEW WAD. Do not save over the same WAD. Hope this helps. Also remember to keep backups! Preferably in multiple locations.
  14. Slade has an option to remove unused textures automatically, but not one to import missing textures automatically.
  15. Mr. Freeze

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Batman's power is plot armor. Seriously, at this point the idea of "normal dude Batman" is just a meme.
  16. Dark Pulse

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    Oh, it moves them automatically for you? Didn't know that. If that's the case, then yeah, all he'd have to do is flip the linedefs. While it technically wouldn't hurt to not flip the non-switch linedefs, in practice it's probably best that he get in the habit of it, since right now he needs to learn about the front/back side of linedefs - that's gonna be important for when he does tripwires, teleporters, etc.
  17. Empyre

    So, I started to use GZDB..

    I was about to tell you to flip the line with the switch, but I see that Dark Pulse beat me to it. Flipping the lines should move the textures to the correct side automatically. Flipping all of the lines in the sector wouldn't do any harm, but only the line with the switch needs to be flipped.
  18. As a 2000s kid who barely got to experience non-flat minimalistic UIs, I think the /idgames UI looks good and doesnt need to be changed. It gives it a little charm, and there is honestly nothing wrong with it.
  19. drygnfyre

    Super Shotgun is the best shotgun in video game history.

    When it comes to vanilla Doom, no, I don't think any weapon has outranked the super shotgun. Mainly because it has a great trade-off: two shells for roughly thrice the firepower. If it was more of a 1:1 (i.e. it was only twice as powerful), I don't think it would be as good. But those 13 extra pellets make all the difference, especially at close range. You basically have the equivalent of the rocket launcher with no major drawback at close range. Long range is a different story. When it comes to aesthetics, though, I do prefer the more sawn-off look that some mods, such as Project Brutality, have gone with. Also makes sense in context, as a sawn-off shotgun has horrible accuracy due to the shorter barrels. Those mods also offer automatic shotguns which I personally prefer, especially when you get something like a drum magazine that can let it hold up to 20-30 shells at a time before reloading. It's not as strong, but much faster and more accurate over the same range.
  20. MajorRawne

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Thanks for the heads up. Was that the tall pillars leading to a red doorway? I couldn't get in there and the automap has been revised since PSX Doom - it didn't show a doorway or anything, just a normal blank wall.
  21. Adybo123

    Drawing Flats from SSECTORS?

    Hi, I am currently having a go at making a project which displays DOOM maps in Unity, just for fun. It can render uppers, lowers, and walls just fine, since they were quite easy to figure out, but it's come to the time where I need to figure out how to draw ceilings and floors, basically to turn the points that make up sections of the floor into points in 3d space. After hours of trying, I came up with the current solution which is to use the SSECTORS lump and go through all of the Segs, connecting the points of vertex1 -> vertex2 -> next seg's vertex 1 etc. This works fine for some subsectors, and parts of the floor are appearing, but not others. I think there's probably something more I'm missing, but documentation on SSECTORS and SEGS seems sparse. Here, the image caption says "E1M1 Hangar with both segs and implicit edges shown". I'm not sure what an implicit edge is and my code doesn't take this into account, nor does it take into account the 'offset' value on the SEG definition, which seems important. Does anyone know how to use the wad to generate a group of points that make up the floor for that subsector? I am hoping this can be done without diving into too much about the BSP + Nodes system, as I haven't yet had to touch that for walls, uppers or lowers. Thanks, Adam
  22. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414512907 The LAST wad I covered in this playtesting stream. Was decent overall, but your Spider Mastermind usage was awful.
  23. Suitepee

    My (half-complete) "first" WAD. Enjoy!

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414512907 The SXITH wad I covered in this playtesting stream. Basic, but somewhat quirky. I sense future potential within your mapping.
  24. Suitepee

    Management Appraisal (my first level)

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414512907 The FIFTH wad I covered in this playtesting stream. Not bad for a first map, to be honest. Hope it doesn't take another 25 years before you make something else! ;)
  25. Suitepee

    BigTrouble [DOWNLOAD]

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414512907 This is the FOURTH wad I played through on this playtesting stream. A lot of work to be done, but keep on striving to be better!
  26. Suitepee

    For The Love Of DOOM

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414512907 This is the THIRD wad I go through in this playtesting stream. Seemed to get better as the wad progressed, and not bad for a first release.
  27. Suitepee

    Verdant Citadel

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414512907 This is the FIRST wad I go through in my recent playtesting stream, and quite frankly I was impressed by what I played through. This is the kind of stuff I want to see when I think of "GZDoom mapping".
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