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  2. There are some cool MIDI versions of popular tunes, like Iron Maiden songs. What would you think about using them in WADs? Since they are for non-commercial use, and MIDIs themselves aren't much different from cover versions of songs, I guess it's legal. But how do you see it? What's your opinion?
  3. MAP05 of my set Sucker Punch is a small arena map in which the chaingun is the only accessible weapon.
  4. CyberDreams

    Who came up with the Daisy ending?

    I can finally tell that it's a pike or stake that Daisy's head is on. For the longest time i thought it was Doomguy's hand. You can clearly make out the woodgrain on the stake in this picture a hell of a lot better then the in-game graphic imo.
  5. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    No plans to update it. I'll get it on idgames at some point.
  6. Both are great but i'ma go with Quake - Scourge of Armagon - Music #4 just because i'm more familiar with it (although the first track is pretty damn kick ass imo) Metal Slug X - Kiss in the Dark (1998) OR Super Contra (Arcade Version) - BGM-4 (No Escape) (1988)
  7. Oh wow, the changes arent 'crazy' but enough to make it a full viable level, just what I wanted~ Neat use of nightmare and spectre flags, maybe Altar of Nightmares as the level name to reflect that? I dunno how often you guys use those flags in your levels for this, but if this level as-is made it into PSX Doom, it would definitely be a supersecret level given how the flag was never really used outside of the nightmare spectre intentionally
  8. Today
  9. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    HUM - Electra 2000 (1993)
  10. Doomkid

    What would be the perfect Doom 2 FFA server?

    Decay is right. For me personally though, the 25th anniversary compilation is still one of my favorite wads to play since it has a little taste of everything: http://doomshack.org/wads/25th_dm_60maps.zip Of course, there are some other great and not-so great wads that are fun to play: https://doomshack.org/recommended.html As far as settings, as long as god-awful respawn protection is turned off, I'm content!
  11. Szuran

    Menu contents - a short question

    On Reaml667 I see fonts tagged as BigFont and SmallFont.
  12. Graf Zahl

    Menu contents - a short question

    What do you mean by "separate sets"?
  13. Szuran

    Menu contents - a short question

    Yes, I want to change the names and the font. I think replacing the font won't be much of a hassle. Do I need separate sets for big and small font, though?
  14. Graf Zahl

    Menu contents - a short question

    If you just need a new text based main menu, there's one in gzdoom.pk3 from version 4.0.0, called "MainMenuTextOnly"m you just need to copy and rename it and fill in the proper texts.
  15. @ChezzaNo problem! Glad i could help :) I used to play my Xbox a lot so it wasn't really to much work to just look up a games list and refresh my memory on some as well.
  16. Ferk

    Bringing back old freedoom stuff

    You can make use of the attic, where many old assets are kept: https://github.com/freedoom/attic
  17. franckFRAG

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Avactor & Deadly Standards

    Maybe it would be better that DS2 is released in a final or RC version first.
  18. Szuran

    Menu contents - a short question

    I'll try to find a tutorial for creating a new menudef. :)
  19. Revenant100

    Who came up with the Daisy ending?

    It's a reflection. You can see in Adrian's original sketch that the dark upper corner of the building is a reflection of the center smoke plume.
  20. @NerdyButLazy Lesson learned. Thank you very much. :)
  21. Wereknight

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    Now I start thinking should I credid Capstone TekWar game designers or not. Not that I care honestly, it doesn't even seem to be same things, like, at all. BUT... what if... ? Especially knowing personas of some public underground asylum know what I'm doing...
  22. Graf Zahl

    Menu contents - a short question

    In general, if you want to make your mod localization-proof for the future, it is generally not a good idea to have any graphics containing text. Having text printed with a font is a lot safer in that regard. Unfortunately Doom's history and most ports' feature set force the use of such an obsolete technique.
  23. Dragonfly

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    There is very obvious signs of frankenspriting here. The quality and style of different parts of the sprite are wildly variant. It also feels like the end of the weapon is pointing at a slightly different angle to the rest of the weapon in some frames: The glow looks like it was slapped on using a glow filter with no care to represent how the light would actually look on the surface of the gun. The muzzle flash is insanely small compared to those used in most doom weapons and would make this feel like it should be shooting confetti instead of a spray of buckshot. When you compare these sprites to your first attempt they are a lot better, but based on that I feel like very little of this sprite was actually drawn by you, and instead uses other people's art: So what lever-action shotgun, assault rifle and laser gun sprites did you rip from? These people should be credited for their hard work rather than left in obscurity - they should also be contacted to obtain consent for their sprite usage in a project like FreeDoom, which is why it's better that everything is hand made specifically for FreeDoom.
  24. gaspe

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Avactor & Deadly Standards

    E1M3: It reminds a bit a Citadel first with a main block of bricks and the puzzling progression but the structure here is more elaborate with walls and turrets too. It's a good looking military fort, the theme is tech. The inner parts of the central building are quite nasty with cramped rooms and various hitscanners. Lots of secrets around and fun exploration to do. E1M9: This has a pretty cool journey, starting from a dark nukage pit to an underground techbase where a big elevator takes you to see sky again. My favourite part was the area with the twin doors at the chaingun with some nice secrets to unravel. The vine room was good too and that was a very neat usage of the action to lower the pillar with the RL and raise the nukage pond. In a similar vein of E1M3 here there's also a big fight that is saved until you have almost finished the level.
  25. Relinquished

    First completed map - Labs

    Hey Malefication, So I've had a play through of the map and these are my initial thoughts. I liked the main area with the pillars, barrels, and the chasm into the slime. You've got a handle on concepts such as traps and teleporting enemies which is nice to see. The marble room with the imps and hell knights was fun as you are forced to fight in relatively tight confines. I managed to stumble across the secrets on my play through which was handy, although without the rocket launcher some of the later combats against the cacos / revenants might be a bit tedious with only a single shotgun. Not a huge problem but something worth thinking about. I liked the idea of the 'checkpoint' type area with the zombie men behind the glass, although it is quite easy to 'peek-a-boo' shoot them and the chain gunners beyond. As a minor thing, I would either get rid of the switch here so the player can just open the door normally, or if you do keep the switch have it so the door opens permanently. The only reason I say this is while your fighting in this area and the door closes, you have to go back to the switch to open the door which is a little jarring. Again, I like the idea with the pinkies behind the glass, but because the room is so tight they struggle to leave the sector and are easily picked off. Perhaps they could teleport out to catch the player off guard? The chaingun room seemed a bit barren in terms of features, and the stairs going off at a funny angle would have been better as straight stairs here. When creating sectors its worth remembering how the player will navigate through the space as well as the monsters. You want, ideally, smooth movement throughout so the combat is based on dodging around pressure situations, rather than getting potentially stuck on parts of the map / scenery. The best advice I can give in this regard is to play other custom map sets, both recent and old, to get an idea of how they build their maps and to get inspiration for your own work. Off the top of my head Plutonia 2 and Scythe 1 & 2 are great wads to learn from (if you haven't played them already, of course). Overall this is a solid first map that shows a lot of promise! I'll edit this post if I think of anything else to add, but I look forward to seeing your next maps and how you progress over time.
  26. hunterr42

    My second level is done!

    stillbadatnames.wad My second released wad. As with the last one, it's a single map made for doom2 in doom format and tested in gzdoom. Not much to say here, other than I tried to focus a bit more on playability with this one than my last. Whether or not I did a good job, well, I'm too tired to tell honestly. Please leave a reply letting me know what you think. I'm also interested to hear comparisons to my last map, like what's better/worse(definitely not a requirement though!!) There's a screenshot from GZDB in spoiler. Enjoy :) i gotta sleep now its 5am lol will read comments tomorrow
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