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  2. DynamiteKaitorn

    How do i make playerclasses and title screens?

    To define a player class, you firstly need to do the playerclass = XX in MAPINFO. Once that's set up, you'll then need to open up a DECORATE script and make a new playerpawn actor. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:PlayerPawn Have a read through this. You don't need to edit every variable, just a few like radius, height, health, etc... and obviously, set up it's animations like how you would with an enemy (though the "MONSTER" flag is unnecessary).
  3. Doomkid

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    You did a good job with it, I don’t see why me converting it to bmp seems to have you a bit riled up though. I didn’t check the original thread, I simply converted it to bitmap since PNGs don’t work in the majority of source ports out there. Additionally most PNG Doom graphics don’t use the original palette so I was pleasantly surprised that this sprite did... I was expecting there to be some loss (which is what Doom Marine actually wanted in his original post) but there wasn’t any since it was already properly palettized. And then I was like “oh that’s cool”. Why the sass? I’m guessing there must be a miscommunication here or something.
  4. SpaceRoma2

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    It looks beautiful, the moon reminds me of this one that appears in this video (0:35) https://youtu.be/ddGlj5B6A0I ¡It's same! Until June? Yes, I will be tuned!
  5. Kristian Nebula

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Cooking up something...
  6. Walter confetti

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    There's a lot of funny answers here lol Same thing. This, or they trying to be some kenshiro mob villains...
  7. Devalaous

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    Actually sounds cool to me, a vast empty asteroid landscape that you start on, before descending into a crack or other small opening, into a vast massive sewer system
  8. Walter confetti

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Digging that sky @RonLivingston, where you find it?
  9. NeoWorm

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    Guys, I MADE that sprite set. It was already converted to DooM pallete and it was said in the original thread. It was made from scratch to be like that and it was tested to fit DooM style.
  10. Gez

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    816 kills, 371 items, 10 secrets; and I don't believe that par time is accurate. Took a while, especially since it was mostly played in five-to-ten-minute stretches when possible instead of in one big continuous session, but yeah, I maxed it. I did cheat myself a yellow keycard after finding all three skull keys and defeating the custom boss because I saw earlier in the thread it was supposed to be a yellow skull switch, not a yellow card switch, and I was looking to find the remaining secrets then (I had only six out of ten at that point I think). I also noclipped through the invisible wall that prevents accessing the automap secret, again because I was forewarned about that bug by reading the thread. I played with the Wibbly palette since it was recommended, it had the effect of making the (many, many) blood pools look like wine pools. Anyway, the good: the architecture. It's obvious a lot of care went into it, each area has its own recognizable style, it's beautiful throughout. The weak monsters at the start of the map are a fun addition. Combat was never too unfair even in the many (but obvious enough that you can prepare) traps. Speaking of which, that green armor blood pool trap was pretty good, with its original gimmick. The bad: the beginning of the map where you're weaponless is a bit too long IMO, it'd be better if a weapon (at least a pistol) could be found a bit earlier so as not to have to punch imps with unberserked fists. I already had about 40 enemies on my kill counter by the time I picked up the shotgun. The devils could stand to have less health; they're used as meaner imps but they're tough enough to often survive a super shotgun blast. The map is complex enough that there were a couple of node bugs in the textured automap. Speaking of automap, you should hide some lines on it. Like the 3D baron face, or the evil tree: at these places, the lines are so dense that unless you zoom all the way in you just see a solid-colored blob, which is about the same color by default as the backdrop so I thought it was another node error that prevented the texture from appearing there. Finally, two of the secrets are medikits; they should probably be berserk packs just so that they can always be picked up. It's not like it'd change progression much since you find a berserk pack before being able to reach either of these secret medikits IIRC. The ugly: performances. The drawback of a gigantic map with a lot of details is poor performances. This made the beginning worse, because precision punching and dodging is difficult when you get frame skips, and the end was terrible too as those arachnotrons ground the FPS to a near-standstill with their rapid fire. I basically had to flee back into the level just so that they would stop firing and I'd get approximately acceptable performances to fight the boss, who followed me. As a result I got it trapped in the pulsing red room and then shot it to death from the other side of the window in the spiral staircase room; it was cheesy but I got halfway acceptable FPS this way. Then I cheesed many of the outdoors monsters by going to the yellow card switch area, where there's also a window. A bunch of arachnotrons had bunched there, and they infighted with the enhanced cacos as I was waiting for the slideshow to end and the movie to restart in the switch room. Then peek back at the window, new laggy round of infighting, new hiding in the nearby room, etc. until there were no more cacos and I had to dispatch the remaining arachnos with the chaingun. Also some lag after finding the invuln secret and it obligingly added some more monsters because I had already killed all those in the level at that point, so it wasn't as bad as when arachnos were alive. On the whole, a pretty good map, but my poor compy couldn't keep up with it.
  11. Definitely going with Death - Sacred Serenity The Toadies - Possum Kingdom (1994) OR Korn - Ball Tongue (1994)
  12. Today
  13. Doomkid

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    lol are you being sassy with me or something? Doom Marine provided a PNG and I converted it to a Doom-palette bitmap and was pleasantly surprised that there was no loss.. is that bad?
  14. Ferk

    Freedoom Skulltag Stuff

    I like this bloodworm better than the darker one. If anything I would improve the contrast, but not the shade of red. The other one had even worse contrast problems, the details got washed out in the recoloring.
  15. NeoWorm

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    Maybe because it was already converted to DooM pallete and tested ingame?
  16. Stantekk - Rabbi Jacob (Wan Bushi Rave Remix), It sound more melodic and enjoyable than the first song.
  17. dsm

    Prodeus Kickstarter

    I should certainly hope so. Games like the original Quake and Doom 3 have taught me how a lack of variety in themes can cause gaming ennui severe enough to make you sick of the game no matter how fun the base gameplay is and regardless of how many different colours are used. Prodeus makes excellent usage of coloured lights and reflective surfaces to make the showcased level look really interesting, but if more than 70 per cent of the game looks like this, I would get sick of looking at it. And I hope the techbasey stuff gets broken up frequently - you can have 70 per cent techbase in a game and not have people get bored with it if you frequently break it up with something completely different looking.
  18. Rekkless for REKKR
  19. ReaperAA

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    Agreed. The axe looks nice. I don't think much change is even needed.
  20. Fork GZDoom on GitHub, and then apply your changes there. The things that caused this disinterest are that: It's not convenient. It's a rar archive instead of being a GitHub fork. There's no text file documenting the changes. For some reason there's both an src/ and an src3/ directory, with the same file content as far as file names are concerned. So finding the changes is a trial that could have been avoided if it had been a GitHub fork. It's based on an old version of GZDoom. That makes porting the changes, on they're found, harder. It's made to run some custom PK3 with UDMF maps that have to be distributed alongside, instead of running the original data (or, for Doom 64, the data processed by Kaiser's wadgen utility) so that obtaining the data becomes the user's problem.
  21. Lots of small changes and fixes plus the SE corner is taking shape. Red Key secret's access has been figured out as well as the reward for it (BFG). 70% complete
  22. Only now saw this... I liked the very liberal use of what was marked secret and with it the fact that in many cases finding the secret was its own reward, rather than the goodies inside, which were sometimes rather meager compared to some wads that only have 2 or 3 in every single map and would never dream of "wasting" a secret on just a medikit and some shells. I like the wide range of difficulty in finding them and the variety of accessibility - walk triggers, simple humpings, false walls, shooting switches, etc. And I like the sense of completion in finding many of them. Rather than just being a funky wall that opens a small room with berserk, which is a secret you would never notice you didn't find except from the intermission screen, many of the secrets taunted you the entire map so that even if you didn't find them, you had a sense that there was more to the map than you were seeing. So rather than saying, "My secret counter says I missed 3" or "86% - must have gotten 5 of 7," you say, "I want that soul sphere" or "how do I get up on that ledge?" You often got to enjoy more map because you found the secrets, rather than just more goodies. So all in all, the secrets were very Doom-esque.
  23. Gez

    Doom Sprite History

    I don't believe the console version is an earlier version. If anything it's a later version. Perhaps is wasn't finished in time for the PC release.
  24. Bob9001

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    Yeah I too like the look of that map "Dreadmill" Sounds like a good map.
  25. Bob9001

    Community Chest 64 EX release thread

    I got to Map16 then quit because I died :L
  26. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    That looks very nice! @DooM_RO
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