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  2. It shouldn't do modifications to the actual RNG system. That being said, GZDoom does make various modifications to the games, such as changing the hitboxes of various enemies, which could lead to running easier past monsters. It kinda does, that allows you to run under enemies (such as Cacodemons and Pain Elementals) and jump over them, which is normally not possible in vanilla and more conservative ports. You're also playing Eviternity incorrectly if you have this option disabled.
  3. Barefootstallion

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    I've found this too - the being able to 'squirm' your way through multiple monsters. Is this perhaps a feature that was added to GZDoom?
  4. Archie550

    Random Image Thread

    idk i thought this was pretty funny
  5. Graf Zahl

    Do you take less damage in GZDoom vs. PRBoom+ ?

    Normally not. The random values are generally the same but as it is with different code, there is a chance that the RNG in GZDoom produces slightly different values overall.
  6. NaZa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Having fun while speedmapping, I guess that's what counts?
  7. Today
  8. Doom Marine

    The People's Doom Developement thread: visuals

    Yes, that's exactly what I did.
  9. Immorpher

    Prodeus Kickstarter (1 Hour Left to Back)

    Less than 2 hours remain to back!
  10. riscoloco

    An adventure game fan's first DOOM WAD - "One of Those Days"

    Just finished my playthrough i liked the story between levels sewer level was my favourite pretty much killed everything on the levels apart from the back to earth level that was huge and the monsters were dotted around to far apart for me to care about killing them all but thats just me.thanks for sharing and looking forward to what you make next.
  11. CyberDreams

    What are you listening to?

    Machine Head - Burn My Eyes (1994)
  12. Jon

    The People's Doom Developement thread: visuals

    Did you mash in some of the original vanilla barrel explosion? It looks really similar.
  13. Spladam

    An adventure game fan's first DOOM WAD - "One of Those Days"

    Cool, from what Idspi posted on twitter it looks fun. I'll check it out later this week. Balancing for UV was a safe bet, as most everyone is going to try it on UV the first time.
  14. Diego Ignelzi

    Some screenshots of my new wad

    I recently started my second wad, after not mapping for 3 years. This time I'm using Doom builder 1, in configuration skull tag (Doom in hexen format) and Slade 3, these are some of the screenshots of the first map, I have thought that they are 8 in total.
  15. The only thing that comes to my mind is Phantom Dust, but i'm not entirely sure that's correct...
  16. TheNoob_Gamer

    How do you have your controls set up?

    Apparently, my mouse is still broken, so here is my current control scheme: -WASD: Movement/Strafing. -Up arrow for shooting. -Left/Right arrow for turning. -E for interacting (open doors, activate switches,etc.)
  17. Krull

    SSG gib dehacked mod?

    Here you go, a partial solution to your problem in MBF format. I've set bullet puffs to use DETONATE, making a small explosion that deals 30 damage. With zombies set to "puff instead of bleed" in the thing options, a single bullet hit has a roughly 50/50 chance of gibbing zombiemen, but no other monsters. Damage from hitscan weapons against targets that bleed (including the player) is unchanged, but you might not want to shoot a wall or a zombie at close range, especially not with either of the shotguns. This is a partial solution because the only weapons capable of gibbing zombies now are the pistol and the chaingun. This is probably due to their bullets dealing a small amount of damage - not enough to kill a zombie outright - so that it's the much more powerful bullet puff that deals the killing blow. Shotguns, by contrast, deal fatal hitscan damage, thereby putting zombies into their default death animation just before DETONATE is called. It doesn't help that codepointers don't work on the first frame a thing is spawned on, so I had to set the damaging frame 4 tics later, on the second frame of animation. Even if this could be circumvented, however, my guess is that hitscan damage would still be dealt 'before' the bullet puff thing is spawned, despite both events seeming to take place within 0 tics of each other. To conclude, you could contrive some sort of powerful railgun or sniper rifle type weapon with this method - say, a rifle that fires 10 0-tic pistol shots, dealing heavy damage to most targets and gibbing zombies - but you can't have a gibbing shotgun. And you might want to nerf the pistol too (say, by making it fire a weak plasma bolt, and having the plasma gun's firing frame use FIREOLDBFG instead). bullet gib test.zip
  18. riscoloco

    Verdant Citadel

    WOW! This was so good very nice level design took me around 45mins loved every second of it.
  19. I've used PRBoom+, well GLBoom+ for many years now almost exclusively but have recently changed to GZDoom. While playing through Eviternity recently I noticed some situations where it felt like I should've taken more damage than I did. Also I found it easier to run past enemies when I'm cornered and try to shoot my way through. Don't know if that has to do with "actors are infinitely tall", being disabled at the time though. So do you take less damage in GZDoom overall compared to more "classic doom" - like ports such as PR/GLBoom+ ?
  20. Yeppers! That's the game! Thank you Gez! You rock! Can this weapon be downloaded anywhere?
  21. Hi, I'm the Space Quest Historian. I mostly play adventure games. But then I watched a fellow YouTuber play some custom DOOM WADs and decided to make a WAD of my own. I've tried making levels before, back in the days of DOS and WADED, and found the tools to be completely beyond my capabilities. Now, with Doom Builder 2, things have gotten slightly easier, and I can now present my first ever replacement episode WAD. As per instructions, here are the deetz: This is a DOOM 1 WAD. It does not use any replacement textures, monsters, or sounds (other than music and title/credits/intermission screens). I've only tested it with Ultimate DOOM, but as far as I can tell it doesn't use anything specific to Ultimate DOOM. This is a story-driven single-player level pack. There are no deathmatch spawn points. The levels, when played together, form a cohesive story (which is very stupid). There are 8 levels, not counting "level 0" which is just an introductory level with no monsters. There are no secret levels. Jumping and crouching are disabled. You can reenable them if you want, but you're not supposed to. Mouse-look, however, is definitely encouraged, because there are a lot of nasties hiding out in high places. There are differences in difficulty levels, but haven't tested them very well. Original experience is Ultra-Violence. I myself am unable to play that because, surprise, I suck at DOOM, so have fun with that. I made a bunch of beginner's mistakes, like switches that don't immediately reveal what they do, and spelling out weird shit with sectors. Be gentle. It's my first time. I've only tested and run this in ZDOOM, so let's save ourselves a bunch of headache and just say it only runs in ZDOOM. I did the music for it in Anvil Studio. The soundtrack is included in the zip. Download v1.0 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YnV_MX5iC2CgG-EzagoJuy4vQQKc63l6/view?usp=sharing Obligatory screenshots attached that don't really reveal much about the gameplay but whatever that's cool.
  22. Shaviro

    Doom 3: Phobos

    At this point we're just in a stretch of "bread and butter" work, getting things to the last stage of development where it all comes together and we implement the voice-over, polish the scenes, the combat etc. April is a bit quiet for us as one third of the team is away and I'm personally regaining my energy and motivation after having put around 30 hours into the mod each week for some time. We're set to kickstart that last long stretch of development on Ep2 in the start of May. We've also been pouring some work into the rest of the mod so that Ep3 isn't a year away after Ep2.
  23. You're probably thinking of Legacy of Suffering.
  24. Stocki

    Sharing visual design / architecture tips

    I try to find one or two centerpieces of architecture for the map i make. (doesn't always work) Something the player will see in the background every now and then or a certain place he will revisit when playing the map. I have the impression it makes maps less linear.
  25. I'm not certain as to what topic this falls under, so please correct me if I'm posting this in the incorrect topic else I won't learn LOL!! I'm looking for the Doom II WAD/Mod that had the 4-Barreled Shotgun in its arsenal. Does anyone know which WAD/Mod it is? Also, can this Four-Barreled Super Shotgun be downloaded anywhere? Thanks! :)
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