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  2. Maximum Matt

    [SPRITES] Alternative Deaths

    I like this one very much.
  3. Jon

    Thoughts on the music

    Map02 makes me think of the ghostbusters movie for some reason
  4. Gez

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for May 2019

    It's our international national Xaser who did the MAPINFO stuff.
  5. Careful Gez, last time you made a joke like this it spawned a community project
  6. you: brutal heretic


    me, an intellectual: hm haharetic

  7. Maximum Matt

    Thoughts on the music

    And I mostly associate that song to E4M9. That level kicks so much ass. Arguably the most incongruous level in E4, it still is hands-down the best secret level in UDoom (E1M9 is too ugly and boxy, E2M9 and E3M9 are gimmicks) and it's symmetricity totally works in its favor. And there are crates in the starting area.
  8. Maximum Matt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doomguy's hairstyle on the front cover of Doom II is glorious.
  9. CyberDreams

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    Same. I mean, if you look at pictures of zombies or zombies in older movies some of them have greenish tints to their skin. Adding it their hair just makes them stand out more imo.
  10. Edward850

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    You are likely loading the levels with the wrong phase. Maps generated for Doom (Ultimate) requires you use Freedoom: Phase 1, while maps generated for Doom2 requires Phase 2. Doom and Doom2 have different naming conventions for their maps, so custom levels for either game will only directly load with that game.
  11. What's next? Aimless for Hexen? Restless for Strife? Fruitless for Chex Quest? Friendless for Harmony?
  12. Stale Meat

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    I always thought the green hair dye reminded me of the image of 80s punks, minus the Mohawks, fishnets and face paint. As far as making it a quick eye catcher among the hordes of other zombies it certainly works quite well.
  13. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    I had a Freedoom .wad on my original GZDoom install (I think I still have that install) and it even showed the generated backgrounds on the menu but when I tried playing the .wad through New Game I always got the same 4-5 levels on the list that I'm pretty sure are just the Freedoom ones.
  14. You have my undivided and d'spairil stomping attention.
  15. I don't want to sound like an asshole, but it might have to do with the fact that the implementation of your changes was not optimal. I mean, first, none of your changes work on software mode, you even removed the option to change that on the menu. I also discovered that this mod doesn't like older GPUs that doesn't have shader model 4. I tried it on my mid-2000's PC running a GeForce 6200, which doesn't have SM4, and well... All sectors are fully bright, without color and all sprites are missing. If I load the lights and brightmaps, sprites appear and some sectors and walls look fine, others look fully bright just like the screenshots, it actually looks even worse than the screenshots. Doom 64 doesn't look so bad, but no sprites either, and no flash effect when taking damage or picking up a berserk. No matter if I load lights and brightmaps, it always look like that. I can force SM4 on the 6200, and it looks perfectly fine, but it runs on some sort of shader emulation mode and the framerate drops dramatically, almost to single digits when it gets too bad. I tried it on an old laptop running a GeForce 8200M G and while it has SM4, if I force SM2 or 3, the same thing happens. I get you might not want to develop your mod for that kind of prehistoric hardware, but that's exactly what the legacy branch is aimed at. I think I had to point that out since you mentioned wanting to merge this into the legacy branch of GZDoom.
  16. Nine Inch Heels

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    flotsam map 08 UVmax in 13:08: fs08-1308.zip
  17. Today
  18. elmle

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Sector 666 D2ALL UV-Speed in 13:30 s6all-1330.zip
  19. Maximum Matt

    Doom E1M1 Pacifist / UV-Speed in 0:08.97

    'Tis some Godly skill.
  20. Maximum Matt

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    Because hipsters must always die first.
  21. Kappes Buur

    How do i make playerclasses and title screens?

    The WIKI is your friend ™ Creating_new_player_classes GAMEINFO TITLEPIC TITLEMAP
  22. elmle

    NoYe demos [-complevel 9]

    A measly couple of tics improvement of that^ 0:14.63 ny11-1463.zip
  23. Edward850

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    Doom1.wad is the shareware IWAD, source ports will not load PWADs (your generated Oblige levels) with the shareware version. You require a registered version of Doom to play custom levels, which you can purchase from either GOG or Steam, or you can use Freedoom.
  24. Doom Marine

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    I agree, my first impression versus actually testing in game gave good results: the axe looks good in game.
  25. elmle

    Speedzec demos [-complevel 9]

    Some tysons i forgot to post. Map 05 in 2:52 Map 07 in 2:48 Map 08 in 2:29 Map 10 in 4:02 sz05t252.zip sz07t248.zip sz08t229.zip sz10t402.zip
  26. Unfortunately for you, changing the music for this mod is not just a thing of replacing some files, the mod changed the music by redefining the file each map loads on code, and using different file names than the originals. The only way to get MIDIs on this is to make a mod that changes the music yet again and load that on top of the PSX Doom TC. It's definitely possible, but I don't think anyone has made that modification to this mod and I don't think it's something a beginner, as you say you are, should embark into, unless you know how to add the MIDIs to a WAD file, create the text file that redefines the music for each map and so and so forth. The customizer should be included in your download of the TC. It's the tool you use to choose which elements you want to load in your game.
  27. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    So since last night i've tried to get GZDoom to play several custom WADs that i made with Oblige but none of them work. When i try just opening one of the the generated WADs with Doom1.wad on the same directory i get this while when i attempt to open the custom WAD without Doom1 in the GZDoom directory too i get this instead. If it isn't already obvious i have no real experience with anything Doom and/or modding related.
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