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  2. FractalBeast

    Quake II RTX: Official Announce Trailer

    I mean that there will be a point where through tools and tricks, people can punch the fidelity of Q2 so high, it'll end up looking better than the cutscenes that came with Q2.
  3. boris

    Sound Through Walls?

    Use Sound Propagation Mode to see what's going on.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Mr. Froz. I study computer programming and I work on game projects in my spare time. I'm not precisely new to these forums, since I already posted here a Doom 2 map for ZDoom before, but I still had to properly introduce myself. Case in point, the past year I released a mod for GZDoom called Blood: Dead on Arrival on ModDB, which is a Blood-themed fan game in which you get to play as Caleb and have to fight the usual Blood enemies...as well as demons from Doom 64. I made the project with another Blood fan and we decided to add elements from other games to it since we figured out it would be dull to do yet another Blood rehash in Doom (especially now that you can play the original one perfectly with BloodGDX or NBlood), and the end result was Blood: Dead on Arrival. The mod has been out for almost a year and a half already, and perhaps some of you have already played it, but the reason I didn't share it here on Doomworld previously is because the very first versions of the mod, from v1.00 to v1.4, were a bit rough and I was unsure about posting them everywhere. Now that the v1.6 update was released a week ago, I believe that the game is now a much more refined and polished experience than what it originally was, yet there's still plenty of room for improvement in order for me to look forward to whatever feedback I can get from you guys, which I'll value highly since I stopped working with my partner and now I'm the sole developer of the mod, and I plan to do one more update or two before I consider the mod finished and move on with other projects. Here's some screenshots of the game: And of course the download link for the latest version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-dead-on-arrival/downloads/blood-dead-on-arrival-v16 You could also check out the trailer for the mod or even look up GeneralLotz's review of it on YouTube, but maybe that would spoil things a little. There's also a Discord server I've set up with a channel to talk about the game in case you're interested. As I have already stated, I look forward to your responses, and I certainly hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed making it.
  5. BlueFireZ88

    Doom Expanded 2.0 [RELEASED]

    Recently finished play testing Plutonia and I can confirm that I have gotten through all commercially released DOOM levels (including Romero's Sigil) with no further issues with the current build of Expanded. With that being said, I have a couple of announcements for the mod: 1.An Expanded Patch is set to be bundled with the next release of Blue Shadow's NC HUD, meaning that those who have been waiting for a matching hud with Expanded will finally have it. Once I get the word on it's release, I will post the link in the thread. 2.Expanded Lite will be the last major extra I will work on for this mod pack. I know I have neglected partial conversion compatibility, and I want to address it with something that fits in with the rest of the content presented. I will give further updates on this extra soon. Please continue to leave your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports right here on the thread! Thank you all for your continued support of Expanded!!
  6. NerdyButLazy

    unpopular retro opinions

    Super Mario 2 (US) for NES was the best of the 3.
  7. Andy Olivera

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    43 demos this week. Dimon: kraf is indeed korrect.
  8. DANZA

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    The fluidsynth playback quality seems to have been degraded since's seems muffled and crackly. I attached an audio file comparing the two using the same soundfont, first then (EDIT: Actually, I think all audio sounded cleaner before) fluid.zip
  9. For a map that's this big and sprawling, it's remarkably intuitive to navigate, which I suspect is due to the use of a branching structure, rather than loops. There's still a lot of visual interconnectivity however, teasing areas we'll be able to explore later, and it's quite fun to puzzle out. Lighting and design remain great, but by this point a degree of fatigue is probably setting in, and I'm yearning to see something that isn't another darkened hellbase. Still, there is some additional variety in the monster roster, with the addition of a surprisingly nonchalant suicide zombie who will casually stroll up to you with a pack of dynamite. And combat in general is fairly laid back unless you get caught napping.
  10. Maes

    unpopular retro opinions

    The official NES mini has been discontinued twice. That being said, there are famiclones that clone the mini itself, and now come laden with 400+ actual games, including SMB3, Megaman 2, RoboCop, TMNT etc., certainly much better than all the crappy "999999 in 1" carts I collected over the years, which only had SMB, Duck Hunt, Ye Ar Kung Fu and Track & Field repeated ad nauseam. What impresses me Is that they still.use the infamous NoaC (NES-on-a-Chip) ASIC, and not an ARM-based emulator core, so in a sense they are closer to the real thing than official NES Classic/Mini.
  11. geo

    unpopular retro opinions

    From wiki: The term retro has been in use since the 1960s to describe[1] on the one hand, new artifacts that self-consciously refer to particular modes, motifs, techniques, and materials of the past.[2] But on the other hand, many people use the term to categorize styles that have been created in the past.[3] Ah so retro is something made now that tries to mimic the old. So Shovel Knight would be retro as it goes for an 8-bit style, while Super Mario Bros is NOT retro, because it is from the 8-bit generation. Sonic Mania is retro as it goes for that 16-bit style, while Sonic 3 is 16-bit and therefore NOT retro. Here's an unpopular opinion... we haven't been discussing retro at all!!! Meanwhile, vintage is as young as 13 years old. Antiques are as young as 100 years old! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vintage_(design) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antique Read em and weep!
  12. Today
  13. Lets look at the context. Who would be talking in third person about Heaven's Wraith being brought down? It doesnt make sense for anyone other than Hayden to say any of what we hear in the trailer. Slayer destroyed the Argent production on Mars that was meant for Earth, he was already warned once by Hayden of the repercussions of doing such things. Now slayer is bringing everything down. He is likely going so far and beyond the 2016 game that it is going to get heavens attention. You have to look at the previous game and derive the context from there. Hayden had Slayer painted on the parchment fighting the daemons in Argent Dnur, and knew all about the sentinels. He knew far more than the game told us about, including scripture depicting the future. He also knew about the Crucible...we can go on about this. The questions I have is: 1. If it is Hayden, why does he care if Heavens wraith is brought upon earth? If Hell already invaded and things went to shit, who cares at the point? Doom guy is the only person who can stop it, or at least do some serious damage 2. If Hayden did know what I described, why did he continue with the extraction of Argent energy that was exposing Earth to such threats? Did he become corrupted? It seems there will be a ton more lore in Eternal, and we should get most of our answers there.
  14. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    @MFG38 Thanks for playing! i'm already working on a next map so i will definitely make some more paths, also thanks for a review :)
  15. CasualScrub

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    I will fight you on this. I find Pepsi better than Coke.
  16. SOSU

    Empire of Sin - New strategy game made by Romero

    Oh the game i found the most uninteresting in the Nintendo E3 was by Romero? :O Also the Swedes are gonna conquer gaming with all the stuff they publish (is that the right word?" wich is funny because they make war games (HOI4 yay :D)
  17. TheMightyHeracross

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Yes. For the lazy, here's a WAD file that just contains @Shadow Hog's Sigil UMAPINFO (load with the standard SIGIL and SIGIL_SHREDS, not the compat versions): sigil_umapinfo.zip
  18. Graf Zahl

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v is the latest release - there were two before.
  19. -TDRR-

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    Even not counting those facts, Doom's portrayal of hell isn't biblical because demons aren't physical in the Bible.
  20. dugan

    Back to Saturn X E1: we love fixing bugs

    Who else started singing as soon as the map06 music came on? I call and I call just to make things right Have I lost the fight where were you last night I beg and I cry I keep asking why Where were you last night where were you last night
  21. Enforcer

    Doom Eternal E3 2019 Interview

    He liked prometheus? God that was such a shitty movie. Wow. Oh well. .I still love you Hugo.
  22. -TDRR-

    Delta Touch on Android

    @CrbnBased Hey, any chance you could upload the plastic textures mod somewhere? I'm looking to get them but didn't have the chance to download before they got taken down.
  23. Sector 147

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Is the UMAPINFO just version or something more specific?
  24. Sector 147

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Also, about renaming the source port. I kind of like the name PrBoom+, but that's just me among lots of other users who probably would want to rename it. The original idea behind PrBoom+ was to add limit removing features that the original Doom engine had along with the use of demo recording that no other engine at the time really had to the level of PrBoom+ without the loss of compatibility. Maybe we could create a name based off that?
  25. It will look the exact same to you if you are running it on the small screen, and may still look the exact same on a TV unless you are actively comparing both. So yeah in terms of graphics it holds up fine against the PS4, differences aren't noticeable unless you are running into walls and then using a zoomed weapon right into the wall in which case you would notice small differences on the textures, but why would you.
  26. SovereignX9

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Sums it up perfectly.
  27. Graf Zahl

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Only if you load the UMAPINFO that has been posted above. GZDoom and EE load Sigil as-is because it contains MAPINFOs for both - but it doesn't contain any UMAPINFO.
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