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  1. Past hour

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    +1 for E3M4 House of Pain. Those torture rooms full of blood and bodies, along with the mournful music really captured me the first time I played it. Another shout for Sgt Mark IV's Map28 Sacrificial Grounds. The dismembered marines chained up, screaming with their eyes sewn shut is something everyone needs to experience in life! I would also recommend playing through PSX Doom and Doom 64, as they really do change the mood entirely, thanks to Aubrey Hodge's fantastic dark ambient soundscapes. I always remember PSX Doom's MAP46 The Courtyard, where you kill the first barrage of enemies and step inside the courtyard, only the creepy music is audible, before you set off one of the trip wires and see a dozen pinky demons charging at you from a way off: really different feel from Doom 2's original version of the level. Elend's huge new Hurt.wad has several areas which are very creepy, due to great use of darkness, gloomy lighting and the excellent hellish soundtrack my Immorpher. A real sense of brooding menace if you take your time and let the dread seep in.
  3. Welfare Prodigy

    Perception of Doom

    @CrbnBased The creator is vasyan777 and your assumption to not link it is correct. Mr. Vasily has more than complied with the banhammer of ZeniMax Media, Inc. in removing all traces of his project online, well before the 6/20 deadline. I can only assume anyone caught distributing any files pertaining to DR4 could be subject to similar legal actions that he was facing (at that time) and ruin anyone's weekend plans for the foreseeable future. I would just keep it to, and enjoy it myself, idk if uploading videos would be a good idea either, honestly. Just be careful either way.
  4. Panda

    Remove map (TAB) from the game???

    Exactly! I would have liked a objectives sample as in the quake2 style.
  5. mArt1And00m3r11339

    Megawads with huge maps?

    You could try out some Sunder levels. Sunder just had 4 new levels in.
  6. Seeker_of_Truth

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    My box finally came in today. Everything appears to be here (including the coin), and it's honestly all a higher quality than i expected. I'm rather impressed personally.
  7. Magicana

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I can't see the tutti-frutti (Might be my port) but that sky looks really weird when you point up like that.
  8. CyberDreams

    PrBoom+ name discussion

    ProBoomGold or ProBoomX-Treme Okay on a serious note ProBoom or ProBoom+ sound fine to me.
  9. Spie812

    Perception of Doom

    If you want to experience the fear that playing Doom the first time might have given you, play saveless, and play something you have never played before, preferably something atmospheric and focused on attrition rather than setpieces (Doom 1 sets like Double Impact or No End in Sight are perfect for this). There is no better way to put the fear of death into the player, when you don't know what is lurking in the room ahead, when you have no idea what will happen when you pick up that key, when you have 15 health and a single shotgunner can bring you to your knees if you're not vigilant, when you're so close to the exit but letting your guard down could mean it's all over. That is how you bring atmosphere and fear back into Doom.
  10. some guy who made a wad

    new wads

    making a new wad.
  11. NaturalTvventy

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    Comments on my posted map are welcome.
  12. Walter confetti

    What are you listening to?

  13. The-Heretic-Assassin

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    Doom doesn't have to be serious. I mean, I love the Timesplitters series.
  14. NeedHealth

    Nova III - Almost complete!

    @ScottyI just searched for "Chainworm" ( without the numbers) so I could find people who quoted him. He goes under the name @P1NKAC1D nowdays. His last visit was March 24.
  15. Odyssey of noises from plutonia hellwalker from urania the mortal coil from D2TWID
  16. Simomarchi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm vegetarian
  17. Patrick B.

    I need some Feedback on a new map

    I played the WAD too. I think it's a nice, SIGIL inspired map, not a rip-off. My biggest criticism is, that as a single map so far, it's too short. It was over when I started having fun. See the playthrough here
  18. Oh man, if only there was some powerful government organisation that could take big tech companies and break their backs like some kind of Bane... RIP wallets in the USA and UK (soon). Hahahaha.
  19. Walter confetti

    How to make custom endscreen text with custom music (gzdoom)

    you must put the music you choose in the quotation marks, like this: "d_runnin" It sees that i don't use that much zdoom and mapinfo, isn't it?
  20. Today
  21. FractalBeast

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    You can make the argument that Doom has been a meme since CHOO CHOO HERE COMES THE NIGHT TRAIN. If you want serious FPS action, get id to reboot/split off some Q1 horror variant without the multiverse-arena concept.
  22. SPYDOR

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    Hey Elend, just wanted to add my praise to all the comments above. The atmosphere in this map is truly incredible; a real brooding, menacing sense of dread like you are making your way through Dante's Inferno! Especially love the dark caves and dungeons lit by fire and lava, the blood-pools, bodies and the breathtaking architecture. The new enemies are great and the music track you used is incredible. Loved the boss as well and while I did get lost a few times, I liked the slow-paced start as the lack of weapons keeps you on edge. I can understand how this and the maze-like quality could put a lot of people off, although personally atmosphere and sheer awe at what I am exploring are far more important, so no complaints on that front. My only gripe is the bridge at the end really ruined the experience for me, as the plethora of HOM effects brought my modern, powerful rig to under 5 fps anytime it was in view. I got by after lowering the resolution and turning off dynamic lighting in software rendering mode, as advised by others but still died many times here and had to adopt some strange way of fighting by avoiding looking at the bridge as it it were Medusa! Probably took me about 4 hours to finish and found 8/9 secrets. Couple of small bugs I noticed It is possible to get stuck in Sector 13629 by the candles (secret-hunting...); maybe widen the channel or lower sector 13642 a little? Back SideDef 117275 is missing texture FLAT5_8 (wall protruding from the ceiling in the cave where you get the plasma gun). Looking forward to what see what you create in future and again, truly amazing work and dedication to create such an enormous work of art.
  23. EtherBot

    Perception of Doom

    this is all really interesting but ive already written a manifesto on this so idk what to say in response that i havent said before
  24. Space Marinara

    Perception of Doom

    So very true XD I'll be making a thread shortly for a new palette which gives Doom the browns and dark reds I remember... Open up the base wad files in an editor (try Slade for example) and look at the PLAYPAL lumps. You can click around the palette to get each entry's value. Check out the COLORMAP (and TINTTAB/FOGMAP if they have it) lumps too, that's where things start to get interesting ;)
  25. CyberDreams

    Cyberdemon is back!

    The Tyrant? Well i suppose as it's legs aren't backwards it can't be a true Cyberdemon afterall ;)
  26. Hey guys,  sorry it's been so long. 

    I've been focusing on my mental health a lot lately, forcing myself to take breaks before I burn out.


    With that having been said, I've been plying trail blazer, and for a mod I didn't like much at first, holy cow it really grew on me. It's baisiclly my go-to weapons mod at this point.


    Everything about it just feels perfect. And the upgrading/crafting mechanics? Inspired! This mod is everything I aspire to do in my mod. To make the weapons so perfect and so satisfying that you can almost feel your enemies dying breath as you blast emaway with the flesh renderer. Then,just when you think it can't get better, omg upgrades?!? Buildable perks?!?!

    This mod just hits the spot, and if you're looking for a hell of a good time I recommend trailbazer+mps of choas.


    Unrelated: I found an old flash drive which contains the sum of my doom knowledge from when I last missed


    With the hottest new copy of xwe,yikes.

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