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  2. MFG38

    What engine should I target?

    I was gonna say the same, but I do want to add that making the occasional map for some other port - one you're not as familiar with - is a good idea too. It's certainly a learning process if nothing else. As someone who's been mapping almost exclusively for ZDoom-based ports since 2011, I decided to challenge myself by trying to make a Boom map at one point. Sadly, that map was scrapped in favor of a GZDoom map.
  3. Dark Pulse

    What happens when you exit a map?

    MAP07: Dead Simple. Your Doom cred is officially in question.
  4. wolfmcbeard

    What engine should I target?

    I'd say go for what you would play it on, I prefer to use GZDoom so I typically map in UDMF format for all the goodies like dynamic lighting and whatnot. So if you've got a preference for vanilla, map for vanilla.
  5. That'd be up to Erick, but my hunch is no, since E2M5 was represented in PSX Doom already, and that map only really got known because of EXTRAMAP.WAD. I mean, other than the cut out chunk of E2M5, it doesn't offer too much of note that we couldn't do better just by making original maps, really.
  6. pcorf

    WADs with great music

    Most megawads with original soundtracks.
  7. ketmar

    What engine should I target?

    k8vavoom, of course. this is simply the best sourceport out there, and its author is one of the best persons i ever talked with. he looks great in a mirror.
  8. Would be interesting if you guys added https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Extramap.wad into the port somewhere, made into a finished level obviously :p Its sorta-official!
  9. Ah I see @SOSUonly said 'might' after all. Hordes of Chaos also comes to my mind also a huge (often forgotten!) mod, perhaps actually better IMO than MoC - but would likely take a LOT of work - it has DooM assets and such.
  10. drygnfyre

    What happens when you exit a map?

    E1M3 secret exit
  11. I didn't have any issue with the Wand when I played ElfGP with the mod -- the regular mod seems to overwrite it properly. If it appeared as a weapon pickup, I might need to patch it, but the mod's customized player class automatically starts you with the right weapon.
  12. StoneMason

    WADs with great music

    Icarus had a pretty neat soundtrack. Varied in styles, too. Also anything that has Jimmy, Stewboy or Esselfortium midis get my vote.
  13. @Not JabbaThe Wand in elfgp is what the patch still needs to accomodate - not the fights or class.
  14. Waytome already has a patch for ElfGP. I wanted to include that right out of the gate, since I owe so much to the mapset. DDB should definitely work. That and Curse are the next things I'll test with the mod, but I didn't want to officially recommend anything until I'm sure it works perfectly.
  15. Probably @Not Jabba should throw out a quick hotfix to the elfgp patch to include that then...:)
  16. @FrancisT18 Elf gets wet modifies the Wand so that too might needs to be patched :O The only the DDB changes is the final boss so don't worry it works flawlessly :) (I know all this stuff because i mostly played Heretic with a quake weapon mod,not that TWT is a thing i don't need to anymore yay :D )
  17. Jalapen0

    Doom on Raspberry Pi Anyone? Need Advise

    Have a Raspberry Pi 3...would like to know too.
  18. @Not JabbaThanks for letting me know. elfgp and curse are probably top of my list, as well as Stormwalker's and Lutz' single map(s). But I was just surprised you hadn't mentioned curse prior. On that count - do you know if Dark Deity's Bastion - Stormwalker's other single map - works flawlessly?
  19. Ah, ok, so Faithless modifies the Firemace. That sounds like a problem, since the Firemace is treated as a normal weapon and the Phoenix Rod is secret-only. I'll definitely make a patch for Faithless, and it may involve balance changes to the custom monsters as well to bring them more in line with the balance of the mod. I'm planning to do that with Masters of Chaos as well. The Wayfarer's Tome doesn't have the custom monsters and items yet (because there are so few of them), but it will eventually come in a version that includes the complete resource set, as well as the standalone mod. For now, it should be easy enough to rip them from Wayfarer if you want to use them.
  20. Did somebody mention the Iron Sauce? :D The Firemace in Faithless overrid (overided?) the Lightbringer so that was a bit of a problem since i couldn't switch to it untill i didn\'t have any ammo and couldn't switch back untill it's ammo depleted :'') You can just delete the part of code for the Firemace in Faithless to stop that from happening though :) Also Jabba does The Wayfarer Tome have your custom monsters in it too?
  21. Today
  22. I've thought about it, but I haven't added anything from it yet. Do you know if the author has granted permission to reuse the assets? I haven't tested it with either yet, but it should work fine with Curse of D'Sparil, since it doesn't make any modifications to the player class or monsters/weapons. I'd predict that Curse is probably one of the most fun things to play with the mod, since the combat is so heavy. SOSU played Faithless with the mod and didn't mention any problems, but I can't guarantee that everything will be perfect. At some point, I'd like to create a patch for it (as well as Masters of Chaos and the Dr. Chaos series) like I did with Elf Gets Pissed to better accommodate the mapset's unique features. That will probably be on the backburner for a while though.
  23. Ooohhh, this awesome. I would love to play around with this one day.
  24. Oh man, thank God. I love Steve's mod but sometimes it breaks and the flashlight doesn't turn on. On that note, can you bring back the "right shoulder" option, intensity, and inner/outer radius options? Those would be great. I tried to edit the files themselves, but I don't know how to program scripts in doom.
  25. printz

    Hexen: Edge of Chaos Update

    When I played the demo (and stopped as soon as I was instakilled), my impression was that it tried too much to reproduce Hexen 1, instead of being something original standing out by itself (but still based on Hexen), like how Hexen 2 is to Hexen 1. A cool mod idea -- or why not a COMPLETE GAME idea -- would be making a fantasy mod of Doom 3 (or whatever) with similar themes as Heretic/Hexen.
  26. SaladBadger

    Sandy Peterson Board Game features Invading Hell

    I wouldn't rule out the idea of Sandy coming up with the idea and Kevin being the one to give it life, perhaps, but it's hard to tell without asking anyone.
  27. Dark Pulse

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    The super-secret level has no bearing on killing the final boss, and you can safely miss that secret level as well without it impacting how hard it is to down the final boss. But if you miss the other three? Oh yeah, you're gonna have some "fun." And by "fun" I mean the sort of fun you get by chewing aluminum foil. If you want a spoiler guide on what levels to keep an eye out for... The normal game's progression will go from 01-24, then skips to 28. 25-27 are extra levels (not the secrets) that get accessed via the Features menu, which in original Doom 64 was unlocked via completing MAP32. EX gives you something else in exchange though, IIRC. And if you want to say "I 100%'d Doom 64," you still need to take a trip there.
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