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  2. Adybo123

    Drawing Flats from SSECTORS?

    Using the bsp lines like in cristicbz/rust-doom sounds like a good idea, however, I am a bit confused about lines 686 to 688 since I've never read Rust before. He's doing something in order to later determine the inside_bsp_and_segs boolean, but I can't figure out what they're determined from, since the l and d variables appear to come out of nowhere with a strange syntax on 686 and 687? Other than that, the approach seems quite good and not hugely complicated. Do you know what these within_bsp and within_seg flags mean in the code example you gave?
  3. @Not JabbaWill Hordes of Chaos X and/or HUMP work? These are the last map(set) I can think of ATM to have modifications that hasn't been mentioned.
  4. Thank you very much. I must admit it was an embarrassing error on my side.
  5. Awesome, thanks! True, I had that same experience with D'Sparil. The thing about the Tomed Phoenix Rod is that it's difficult to use in a well-designed combat situation, because if you go in close and try to focus on single enemies, other things will be attacking you from other angles. That's why it needed to get so powerful as a trade-off for Wayfarer, and for more casual combat, it's just fun to use it to mow things down. Unfortunately, the original Heretic has really bad boss fight setups, especially facing D'Sparil alone in a huge empty arena where he's the least threatening. Aside from using Spadger's brightness fixes, the mod hasn't touched D'Sparil at all, because he's not used in Wayfarer and I don't intend to ever use him for anything else. That said, he could probably stand to get a buff. A zero percent pain chance seems pretty logical for the final boss of a game. I'm glad everything else feels like it's working as intended! The Lightbringer does seem like it could throw off the balance of a map that isn't designed with it in mind, which is why I kept the Firemace as default.
  6. Dark Pulse

    Doom on Raspberry Pi Anyone? Need Advise

    You're probably not going to get a dedicated and regularly updated port for the Pi, because the Pi is a comparatively small demographic to target and the general belief in the open-source community is that someone who wants something badly enough has the source - they can port it. So I'd presume most people are fine with PrBoom for their Doom needs on Pi. I mean, yeah, it won't run ZDoom mods, but if the Pi doesn't have the grunt to handle ZDoom well, that becomes moot.
  7. There isn't any. Those were his two standalone maps, his other five got put into the Master Levels (all of which got ported to PSX Doom), and Waters of Lethe was never released. Hence, "Ah damn it," as the gun was sort of jumped. But if they're already made and done, it'd be silly to say "let someone else make them."
  8. durian

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Bloodshot, Hama-era Wolverine, Rogue, and - as a double act - Laura and Gabby Kinney.
  9. Nice , I like people making reviews. I will read it later. :)
  10. boris

    Sharing visual design / architecture tips

    It's one of Romero's design rules: Although he was somewhat lax about that himself.
  11. seed

    How to enable longtics?

    A translation would be most appreciated, since Google Translate is likely crap.
  12. cybermind

    How to enable longtics?

    I wrote him about merging my build with official PrBoom+ 1.5 years ago, and he responded this (in Russian): Assuming that this was 1.5 years ago and there is no activity in SVN, the development is abandonded.
  13. pulkmees

    Sharing visual design / architecture tips

    Wasn't that like one of the points Doom tried to make? That everywhere where you can see you CAN go. I mean if it's obvious that it's outside the map then go for it, but otherwise I feel this leads to a lot of time thinking of ways to create invisible walls, weird barriers etc.
  14. The non-orthogonal SKULLSB1 wall on the north-west corner is an elevator.
  15. tempdecal.wad

    Doom 3 mapping

    Could use a better glass texture that's actually seamless, for some reason some of the textures say "Shader not found" in DarkRadiant, eventhough I'm pretty sure the configuration is leading to the base folder inside "steamapps/common/Doom 3" for both the fs_game and mod paths.
  16. Today
  17. MrFlibble

    Two small sprites

    Hey, those are really good! Thanks!
  18. Ryath

    What engine should I target?

    It wasn't any kind of assumption. Just an acknowledgement that advanced features can be, as you say, overwhelming. Lifts are actually a perfect example of this. In Doom format there are 8 possible actions for a lift (all the combinations of switch/walkover, repeatable/non-repeatable, and fast/normal), and those extremely limited options can really quickly give a new mapper a feel for the core concepts they need for mapping. Boom throws 20- or 30-something at you right from the start, and that's before you start clicking around and find the generalized actions. As experienced mappers, we can look at these additional options, understand their usefulness, and zero in on exactly what we need immediately. For someone new to mapping, though, it can be a lot of noise that obscures the simpler lesson of how a linedef action functions. Obviously it depends on the person, and probably in large part how that person learns. But I think people should know what their options are and that, for some, starting with Boom can be too much.
  19. seed

    How to enable longtics?

    Is that so?
  20. cybdmn

    Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy"

    I have read it some years ago. Inferno was kind of interesting, but Purgatorio and Paradiso was boring, and a pain in the ass to read.
  21. StormCatcher.77

    Extreme Terror

    Really enjoyable and well designed techbase map. The overall atmosphere made me remember Doom 64, or Unreal, especially thanks to the work with color lighting and good sounding music. The gameplay seemed difficult on UV at the very beginning, because of the abundance of hitscanners, which could very effectively control the space of the map. At the moment, when player get super shotgun, all thing come easy, but the gameplay still holds in suspense, because opponents attack unexpectedly. A great challenge for an experienced player. I'm glad to found another good map to place it in my collection.

    What engine should I target?

    Actually, it's not quite that simple. ZDaemon or Odamex are both only compatible with ZDoom v1.23 (I'm assuming by this they mean v1.23 Beta 33), which predates the final version of ZDoom by some 14 years, and UDMF itself by 7 years. Naturally, quite a few additional features were added to the ZDiH format during this period. Case in point, portals and 3D floors are quite possible in ZDiH (Knee Deep in ZDoom features plenty of the former), but were added after v1.23. Other ZDiH-compatible features not supported by these two ports include linked sectors, texture/flat interchangeability, enhanced polyobjects, and numerous additional and enhanced ACS functions. Of course, you also have to consider all the non-map data lumps such as DECORATE, MAPINFO, TEXTURES, etc which a map author might want to make use of and that have been added/changed/enhanced since v1.23. The last release of Skulltag is based on ZDoom v2.3.1 which predates the final ZDoom version by 7 years, so again there are quite a few missing additions & changes you'll need to consider. Zandronum does actually support UDMF, however regardless of whether you go with this or ZDiH the current release is still about two years (AFAIK anyway) behind the final version of ZDoom so even then you'll need to be careful what features you make use of.
  23. TwinBeast

    Who are your favorite Super Heroes?

    Not exactly a superhero, but Rip Kirby is one of my favourites. It was published in the daily newspaper when I was a child. Didn't know how to read, so I just looked at the pictures wanting to know more. One day I noticed I could read it and it was awesome! I knew what was going on in it. I never ever asked anyone to read it for me.
  24. Using this link, I see a voting panel and it enables me to make a star rating, but it doesn't seem to count my vote as it stays on 5 votes.
  25. Hi, people.

    I have an old x86/i386 PC Intel Celeron(R) m 1.30 GHz with 512MB of RAM and 40 GB of HDD. I uninstalled Windows XP (the only Windows OS that can be run on this PC) and installed Tiny Core Linux. It's not bad GNU/Linux OS and only OS of this family that can be run faster than another "lightweight" distributions (like Lubuntu, Puppy, Slitaz, Bodhi, Antix). 

    Why I'm writting? I want to ask you. What other alternative OS beyond TCL also can be installed in this old PC and run faster and without brakes? But please don't offer unfinished OS like ReactOS or Haiku.


  26. Jimmy

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [RC1 released]

    Thanks for playing! You're right about the Gardens secret, but this was just taken care of and will be fixed in RC2. Same with the stuck Guardian Cube in M8. Will add a couple more amulets.
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