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  2. Caffeine Freak

    GREZZODUE 2 has been revealed to the public.

    Never even heard of the 'Grezzo' series, and am not very familiar with Italian politics, but color me interested. I almost feel like this trailer belongs on the 'Important Videos' playlist.
  3. Thedoctor989

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    I want to do Toxin Refinery please!
  4. Ferk

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for May 2019

    It didn't catch on since nobody stepped up to help maintain it, but it's there and it serves as a reference implementation for UMAPINFO: https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus The syntax documented in umapinfo.txt is outdated, though. Yeah, it seems that the initial commit for UMAPINFO support was reverted immediately afterwards and work on it didn't resume, I guess the lack of traction and the zero adoption by mappers didn't warrant the extra work. Sort of a Catch-22 situation: the source ports are waiting for the mappers and the mappers are waiting for the source ports. I noticed however that Doom Retro has its very own "RMAPINFO" header. Yet another incompatible standard, sadly. It'd be great if SIGIL added UMAPINFO maybe that would kickstart the adoption. But it seems unlikely that it was added, since everyone seems to have forgotten about it, the documentation is outdated and there are no examples of it.
  5. Keyboard_Doomer

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @Odorousbag87 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?random It won't autodownload the wad for you and the generated link can be a deathmatch wad, a theme or some other stuff that's not a wad but I think it should be good enough quick solution for a wad roulette. Each time you can check the URL and if it's inside one of the undesirable folders you can generate a new link by clicking "Random File" on top right.
  6. Gez

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    I was just kidding about the unchanged par time value of zero minutes thirty seconds. I doubt it's beatable that fast! Four hours total seem accurate because, as I said, I mostly played it by bite-sized installments over the last few days, just exploring a room or two, so I spent a lot of game time just finding my bearings back.
  7. I don't mind, go ahead.
  8. Szymanski

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for May 2019

    sounds interesting
  9. Ferk

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    Sorry to wake up this dormant thread but I think it's such a pity that this didn't get any more attention. As far as I can see, UMAPINFO support was actually also added to Eternity, correct? With 2 of the mayor engines supporting it, it's already a useful lump for simple WADs so that they don't have to include both ZMAPINFO & EMAPINFO for the simple addition of a new episode (SIGIL.WAD is a very good example... I'm not sure if it'll include UMAPINFO, but it'd be a pity if it didn't, and I'd blame it on the lack of advertisement and proper documentation or even examples ...I bet most mappers don't even know it's a thing). Not only it's already useful as a bridge between ZMAPINFO/EMAPINFO but it's also intended to be relatively simple so it can be supported also by others ports (it seems there was also some intent to add it to Doom Retro, even though it was shortly reverted, but it would be great to do this instead of pushing for yet another format for Doom Retro such as "RMAPINFO" which seems to be what it uses), maybe it would be a good idea to publicize it a bit more since it seems many don't know about it (as brought up here). At the very least I think it should be mentioned in the wikis, and perhaps the document should be updated to show the curly-braces syntax. It would be a pity to see this effort wasted, considering it would be quite convenient and a noble effort at bringing up some needed unification, on a feature that's relatively not really that much disruptive for simpler ports to support, imho. A C 89 implementation of the parser would help though, I could try and add it to the libretro PrBoom port.
  10. I hafta go with Scar Symmetry - The Spiral Timeshift. or
  11. I think this was the first PWAD I have ever played that I found every single secret (besides the actual IWADS). And it WASN'T because they were easy to find. It wasn't like they jumped right out at me as I traipsed on by LOL! It was more like a vendetta after going through Episode 1 and finding them all there. I was just having so much fun with the game! I agree with every single word in HAK3180's third paragraph above this post ("And I like the sense of completion..."). I couldn't have said it any better. I think we can all agree that *most* WADS are pretty average in game play - so if you miss a secret, it's like "I'm sure I didn't miss much (as in the 'reward')." Chances are, in a typically average PWAD, the secret's reward is usually a box of rockets or an Invincibility / Invisibility sphere when you are 99% finished with the Map. I think a more useful reward would be the Computer Area Map or the next upgraded weapon. Even the Soulsphere near the end would be a good reward if the Author knows that the next Map is going to be a slaughterfest right off the start. Finding all the secrets without using cheats is a (side) challenge on its own. I think *wanting* to strive for 100% of the secrets on every single Map is directly proportional to the game, thus a huge compliment to the game itself.
  12. Today
  13. elend

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    @Gez Thank you so much for taking your time and playing this thing. 4 hours would be indeed a bit crazy and you mentioned, that this is lost probably not correct, so, what do you think how much time did you need? Other than that, your report reads very funny and almost like an old pirate diary entry or something. I enjoyed it very much. The node issues I am still trying to fix, but some don‘t show on my computer (?) and some new ones pop up every time I save the map. Many of your issues have also been adressed already (link is currently the most up to date version) and yeah, the performance... well yeah. It runs fine on my computer (GTX 1050) and I wish people with lesser laptops would also get a decent performance, but this I cannot change. Again, thank you very much for your insight!
  14. DooM_RO

    Prodeus Kickstarter

    @dsm Agree. Getting BTSX flashbacks here.
  15. Zulk RS

    Hell Invasion [PLAY-TESTERS WELCOME]

    Update: MAP 10 is complete. Wad link on first post updated. WARNING: Map11 is going to take a long time so this is all for now. Map 10 features: -Dark rooms and hitscanners -Lots of text -TNT music Other changes: -Added a new secret in MAP09 -Fixed mapping errors in MAP09 -Fleshed out the secrets in MAP09
  16. Mahogany Rush - 'Talkin 'Bout A Feelin'
  17. So i finally tried this the other day and i have to say that it's pretty good! I only tried the Playstation version though. I realized that i had to copy all of my IWAD's to the sourceport folder, including all of the Master Levels. Since i'm not too familiar with Playstation Doom, although i do have a burned copy of it and a chipped PSOne, the first thing i realized was how fast Doomguy runs. Now i've read on here that he does run faster in the PS version, but since that version doesn't run at a steady 60fps (nor is it smooth by any means) it just feels "off" to me. Maybe i'll cap my FPS at 30 or 35 or w/e the actual PS version runs at. I think that should of been taken into consideration some how. I also noticed the HUD seemed a tad crunched (at least compared to the PC version) but it wasn't that bad. Then i came to this topic and read all of the drama surrounding that so yeah...Not trying to stir that up again xD I know that this is based on an extremely old yet highly customized version of GZDoom and yet it still manages to run well and look great too imo. I can actually see things haha. When i tried the PSX TC out, it was a tad too dark for my taste even though the PS game is fairly dark (so it makes sense). When i saw the screenshots/video that were posted here for Doom64, i liked the lighting a little bit better as when i had last played Doom64 via Doom64 EX, i hard a time seeing, even after adjusting the brightness/gamma. But i'll give this one a shot and hopefully it's a bit better for me ;)
  18. Mahogany Rush - 'Talkin 'Bout A Feelin'
  19. Pegg

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I was just taking a cheap jab at how stupid that retcon is and how fucked up it is. Korax went from a serpent rider... well to a different kind of rider. A third and final battle with the heresiarch powered by the chaos sphere should've happened after killing that weak serpent pretending to be Korax now.
  20. DynamiteKaitorn

    How do i make playerclasses and title screens?

    To define a player class, you firstly need to do the playerclass = XX in MAPINFO. Once that's set up, you'll then need to open up a DECORATE script and make a new playerpawn actor. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:PlayerPawn Have a read through this. You don't need to edit every variable, just a few like radius, height, health, etc... and obviously, set up it's animations like how you would with an enemy (though the "MONSTER" flag is unnecessary).
  21. Doomkid

    Looking for a new melee weapon

    You did a good job with it, I don’t see why me converting it to bmp seems to have you a bit riled up though. I didn’t check the original thread, I simply converted it to bitmap since PNGs don’t work in the majority of source ports out there. Additionally most PNG Doom graphics don’t use the original palette so I was pleasantly surprised that this sprite did... I was expecting there to be some loss (which is what Doom Marine actually wanted in his original post) but there wasn’t any since it was already properly palettized. And then I was like “oh that’s cool”. Why the sass? I’m guessing there must be a miscommunication here or something.
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