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  2. CyberDreams

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I just booted mine up in GZDoom 4.0.0 and it actually crashed when i tried to play it. It seems to only work in Hardware Accelerated mode (i had mine set to software mode). Might be just me though. Possibly a bug? I have to ask the obvious question though. Do you actually have a copy of Doom 2 or FreeDoom Phase II? If not Eviternity won't work without either one of those in the same folder (at least i think it works with FreeDoom). There is no need to rename Eviternity to doom2.wad. Just drag Eviternity over GZDoom and it should work (after you have a copy of Doom II in the same folder that is).
  3. tmorrow

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    You will need the commercial doom2.wad as well as the eviternity.wad (or eviternity.zip) to play Eviternity. Eviternity is a patch wad to the commercial doom2 game. If you don't have doom2.wad then you'll have to buy it from somewhere, use an internet search to find some online purchase options.
  4. doomfrik

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Hello guys. I am trying to install eviternity and I do not get to run it. I download and unzip gzdoom 4.0, and I add the content of eviternity.zip. Then it does not detect the wad. If I rename the Eviternity.wad to doom2.wad, I get the message: Missing menu texture: "M_SKULL1" P_Init: Init Playloop state. Execution could not continue. R_InstallSprite: Sprite BSPI frame A is missing rotations What am I doing wrong? I've been looking for a tutorial on google and youtube all morning and I can not find any ... Thank you!
  5. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Avactor & Deadly Standards

    Ok I change my vote +++ ESP2
  6. elend

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    Just had a look at those, these textures are really pretty sweet! I especially like the liquids and the hazard trims. May I use them in my upcoming techbase?
  7. Actually a lot of current maps using NM flag, and it used not only by whim, but as example a compensate a lower monster variety on some maps, or to provide replacement for monsters with higher HP, or provide a boss fights like in the end of this map. It's a feature of Master Edition, along with enabled nightmare skill and in-game VRAM viewer, fake 3D sectors, and special transparent textures. I'd say pushing PSX Doom engine to the limits.
  8. geo

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Still talk about the Mortal Kombat movie. Last I checked was a decade ago when the web series came out and people felt there would be a new movie, but nope... the IP holder came out to say there won't be a new movie, as I still have the exclusive rights to keep doing nothing with it. I thought Noob Sailboat was just Noob now that Tobias left. Anyway, yeah the voice is clearly Dr. Claw. I could have done the voice. It's great the actor who played Shang Tsung in the movie... plays the voice... for the DLC. Looks like story wise they went back to the well of resetting the tournament... because it's an anchor to keep the series rooted in the 90s or growing past nostalgia.
  9. Zolgia108

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    thank you dear hak i really appreciate your thoughts as usual! I think i will remove the hidden flag on that area cause with dim light it may frustrate a bit the player, i mean it's not that clear that you need to go through the bloodfall, especially when you can't see the bloodfall at all! Final area is a little too obvious with the switches i guess, but i am not sure on how to improve it. Yes i am working on a new project, i will have less time than before so it will take more, it will have that creepiness of Djinn (ofc that's my "style" i guess) but i will go on a more conventional way as you noticed, with no custom monsters or maybe just a few (crackodemon anyone? i love it i would never cut it). I am not sure if this will be the first map as it would be maybe too hard for a starter, what do you think? Anyways, i am working on map2, it is big and it is open, when it'll be ready i'll surely tell you, thanks a lot!
  10. geo

    The "FREE" Games Thread

    Usually a steep discount means 2 months later it will be in a bundle.
  11. Urthar

    Doom Not In Technicolor (DM2PAL)

    @AJOgames Export the COLORMAP as a PNG. ('Graphic' > 'Export as PNG') Edit it in a paint application. (I generally use Paint.Net) Drag the result back into SLADE. Convert it to Doom Gfx. Convert it a second time to Doom Flat.
  12. Today
  13. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    Link in the OP works. Just fixed the one in the reply too.
  14. I probably first heard NIN in MUS format in PWADs.
  15. 42PercentHealth

    What would be the perfect Doom 2 FFA server?

    Gotta get those sick spawn frag streaks! ;-) I actually agree though. I hate it when someone can kill me but I can't kill them. So, I mostly just hate it when a map/server has any of the following: Invulnerabilities, and to a lesser degree invisibility or megaspheres Confusing layout Too much verticality Railguns, and most other custom weapons Trolls Health/ammo pickups without item respawn (for FFA this is less important than for duels, IMO) When everybody is spamming BFG and I don't know where the dang thing is
  16. Walter confetti

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Avactor & Deadly Standards

    The same I tought. Anyway, i'm battled between 2 choices for the next thing to play, one is DMP 2018 (that still doesn't have a proper idgames release), the other is number 1 kill and number 1 kill the next generation... I wonder what can be better...
  17. Viscra Maelstrom

    Rebirth MIDI Pack project (ALPHA w/ 20* tracks RELEASED)

    @Jimmy i decided to update Nether slightly, adding some echo channels for the square and dist guitar. it kind of bugged me as i was listening to it, so i decided to add it in. no other major changes aside from that. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3y299pey23xqd97/Nether (With You).mid?dl=0
  18. I think the same way on the legality of midi files, they could be used easily (almost) without any problem... Expect If try to use them on YouTube videos.... I had some little problem with a map from cbspeed.wad that uses the Blade Runner theme... For me it's Ok to use them in your wads, until they sounds good and fit with your map...
  19. HAK3180

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @Zolgia108 download the .wad It definitely reminds me of Djinn with the color scheme and just something about the gameplay, but it didn’t have any custom monsters or puzzling progression. As such, I enjoyed it. You had to pay some attention to your ammo balance. You had to maneuver a bit. You had to prioritize. It seems like some thought went into the encounters. If this is the start of a new set, I’d say it’s a solid one. Bottom line: Seems like making Djinn served as a good mapping learning experience.
  20. There are some cool MIDI versions of popular tunes, like Iron Maiden songs. What would you think about using them in WADs? Since they are for non-commercial use, and MIDIs themselves aren't much different from cover versions of songs, I guess it's legal. But how do you see it? What's your opinion?
  21. MAP05 of my set Sucker Punch is a small arena map in which the chaingun is the only accessible weapon.
  22. CyberDreams

    Who came up with the Daisy ending?

    I can finally tell that it's a pike or stake that Daisy's head is on. For the longest time i thought it was Doomguy's hand. You can clearly make out the woodgrain on the stake in this picture a hell of a lot better then the in-game graphic imo.
  23. jmickle66666666

    aquatex v6!!! [texture pack]

    No plans to update it. I'll get it on idgames at some point.
  24. Both are great but i'ma go with Quake - Scourge of Armagon - Music #4 just because i'm more familiar with it (although the first track is pretty damn kick ass imo) Metal Slug X - Kiss in the Dark (1998) OR Super Contra (Arcade Version) - BGM-4 (No Escape) (1988)
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