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  2. Alter

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Can you smell!? What @Linguica is cooking?
  3. Bratish

    Bratish`s HQ Sound Patch for FreeDoom

    About for this mod This modification is brand new sound mod for FreeDoom, which replaces absolutely the entire sound component of the game, assembled by the FreeDoom community, with the work of professional sound producer and composer Richard Douglas, the beginning sound engineer "Bratish" (the author of the mod) and other various users of the FreeSound website. All these authors, who have invested their work in this mod, gave FreeDoom the drive and atmosphere that this game never had. In this way, there are almost all the sound aspects of the modern gaming industry - loud and brutal weapons, scary and bloodthirsty monsters, futuristic and technological doors and elevators with a significant sense of immersion in the game - all this you will find here. "Bratish's HQ Sound Patch for FreeDoom" started in October 2018 and is still being developed, still being updated and expanded not only in terms of the sounds themselves, but also the team of authors. For example, quite recently, the project’s assistance was offered by a well-known in the gaming industry professional composer and sound producer Richard "Rich" Douglas, who wrote sounds and music for hundreds of games, both well-known and not so much. It is his samples from the "EpiQuake Sound Pak" (fan sound mode for the first Quake) that you can hear by shooting, for example, with a shotgun or meeting the local analogue of Baron Hell. Our sound mod is best reproduced in the "GZDoom" port, but can also be connected to Zandronum, Doomsday (jDoom) or any other port that supports audio in .wav format. How exactly did this project come about? The fact is that FreeDoom, having excellent levels, beautiful graphics and (!) Funny music, has a rather “lousy” sound design bordering on low-grade “fun wad's” for the classic Doom. As a result of this factor, FreeDoom had an amazing number of attempts to tidy up the sound in any way - ABSOLUTE ZERO. And yes, let's be honest - inside the community of this game there are people who send the lead developers two or three audio files to fill (or replace) the missing sounds, since the game actually lacks certain sounds, for example, for Elemental Pain and in such kind of But a project of such a scale as this one is not even for the classic Doom, what can be said about its free analogue ?! And, taking into account all these circumstances, the author of the mod set to work, and it is thanks to him that we have this sound patch for the not very popular game, whose main goal is to play Doom without spending money, without violating any of the points of the law "On copyright". As result, FreeDoom fans now have a sound mod that not only fills in the gaps in the list of audio files, but also adds separate sounds for monsters, their weapons and even the main menu! Also, he brings to the game the main thing - the atmosphere. In this aspect, the authors did exactly the same as Aubrey Hodges did - this person, being id Software sound-man in 1995, when porting Doom to PlayStation 1 took an important part in the porting process... Completely rewriting the sounds and music of the cult game, than radically changed the atmosphere - from the so-called “brutal action of the nineties”, which Doom was in almost all his guises, on the PlayStation One we got almost a game adaptation of Lovecraft's stories, where the hero appears to us as a person who was lost far away from us the planet, and forced to return to their home planet, on their way collides with incredibly frightening beings beyond our mind who turned the research complex (and then the Earth itself) into the “Nest of Nightmares”, or simply “Hell” - in the most terrible sense of the word . And all this - just think - it came out because of the complete change of the sound component of the game!!! And yes, again, let's be honest - our project is still far away from this level, if only because of the lack of desire of ambient composers to write music for a free game (such is the irony of fate), but still we were able to give FreeDoom a sense of the seriousness of what was seen on the screen . Think for yourself - the game has a rather strange graphic design, which, coupled with a lousy sound, turns the laid-out concept of the game upside down, showing us some kind of showpiece or show for children. But with our mod you will finally feel that inside this seemingly unattractive game there is a huge potential that is not inferior to the original game, and in a sense even better, since since 1993 game development tools have become much better , and this means that, for example, the elaboration of levels in the game has increased tenfold compared to what we saw in the original Doom. The same can be said about most aspects of the graphics in the game - most of the textures on the levels are made with taste and do not reject the game, and only one low-quality sound spoils the whole impression. From now on, having "Bratish's HQ Sound Patch for FreeDoom" in its arsenal (the only mod currently focused on FreeDoom), this game can, for some time, show itself in the form in which it should be originally an interesting shooter with elaborate levels, colorful enemies and brutal guns. And all this - thanks to our sound fashion! License Creative Commons 0
  4. DooM_RO

    Post a picture of yourself!

    @Linguica You're fucking swoll mate!
  5. BluePineapple72

    Gameplay in slow motion?

    So I was watching some extended gameplay and I noticed something strange. There are parts of this video that clearly look like they are in slow motion. Timestamp 8:50 for example The speed of projectiles, the rate at which the player falls, and even the glory kills look like they've been slowed down. This doesn't look like it is at the same speed that the game was shown at during Quakecon. Even E3 had this issue! Although the big arena fight seemed ok, the brief montage they showed before it looked like it was in slow motion. See for yourself. (timestamp 3:30) For some further hub-dubbery, compare the arena segment shown in the E3 video to that same arena in the 10-minute video. The latter looks completely different. I'm hoping that this is some slow-down rune or maybe even some video issues making the game look bad. From what I am seeing, this game isn't looking consistent in it's speed. Hopefully I am crazy and I am seeing things. What are your thoughts?
  6. Mk7_Centipede

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    @DynamiteKaitorn: I still feel the last room in front of the blue door should have more to it. Maybe if the blue key pickup activated a couple monster closets with a rev/man/gunner to warrant the rest of your plasma ammo- and also vacuum/damaging. The cyberdemon encounter is pretty dang flawless. Nice. You have a great pace to the map. Feels foreboding and rife with intrigue. /2cents <3
  7. ([zen3001])

    Good Movie Soundtracks

    here's an interesting one, not only a great soundtrack but I would also like to recommend the movie. it's a 90s western but way more original than the cliched clint eastwood movie and john wayne movies, in a way it feels a appears to be more realistic I think but I'm far from a historian, it's just a feeling.
  8. galileo31dos01

    Stifled Man Casino - new map

    FDAbygal.zip That was fun. Basically like Scotty I had slight troubles with orientation in spite of the big arrows lol, and the everlasting lost souls made it worse. Completely blind and around 25 minutes, missing two secrets and ignoring the two teleporting big guys, well actually preferred to leave them alone :P
  9. Nine Inch Heels

    Combining maps into a single map

    Sounds about right, yeah.
  10. JudgeDeadd

    The Outer Darkness

    A fun and very good-looking level, if a bit easy and straightforward.
  11. geo

    Area 51

    Out of 500,000 people who showed up to storm Area 51, you were the person smart enough to travel back to 1997, a whole 20+ years before the US Air Force expected your arrival. Even back then, the military installation was armed to the teeth with custom high fences, guard posts and a complex interior structure of underground rooms. Armed with only your pistol, with the Mission Impossible playing in midi form you are able to Doomguy run your way inside make it inside to find 'dem aliens and rescue green plasma technology. Area 51 is a grand two level excursion that flows nicely, has a lot of content to its levels, good fights, diverse locales and some custom artwork. There is a new reskinned hover beast, barrels and rivers full of yellow glowing ooze, yellow hazmat suited foes, and plenty of text to guide you as if you were in the real facility. You'll trudge through sewers, explore pristine clean rooms, trek through some unique architecture with deep lifts, sprawling staircases, big rooms and tight corridors. This .wad is dare I say 95% good to great and a real gem from the era, but the worst parts are the early lack of ammunition that gets balanced out over time and the use of pitch black corridors. There are monster closets and a few chaingun snipers, but nothing that truly hinders the experience for more than a few moments. Everything else is an enjoyable challenge that gets punctuated every so often with a revenant or a baron here or there. These are the beasts contained, but you'll mostly be slugging it out with humans, imps, specters and pinkies.. It has withstood the test of 20 years and was still an enjoyable 40 minutes to get through today. Your results may vary. Make sure to quick save!
  12. DuckReconMajor

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

  13. unpleasantmarine

    Maximum Doom Level Order

    map01 would be the one from r.wad
  14. unpleasantmarine

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    will i get banned if i say "put it up my ass"
  15. DuckReconMajor

    Combining maps into a single map

    What is the easiest/cleanest way to combine two maps? All I can think of is: Open two instances of GZDoom Builder select all sectors/things (if possible) of one map copy and paste into the other
  16. Today
  17. DoomSpud

    Revenant Punch-Out

    While I've never heard of/seen/considered it against a Revenant, this was an effective tactic against Shamblers in Quake all those years ago. Step in close, trigger it's melee attack, step back to a safe distance and unload a clip of nalis or lightning into it while it flailed around and completely missed you... Doom's reaction times are a bit faster than Quake's (am I the only one who's noticed idtech1 runs a little faster than idtech??2?) so getting away with it against a Revenant would be a bit harder I'd imagine. To quote Jack Burton in Big Trouble In Little China... "It's all in the reflexes..."
  18. obake

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    Played it. A fun little map, though it does feel a bit too basic. I think a few more wall trimmings in some rooms (enough to add detail, but not so much to cause visplane overflow) would help. The fighting is fine, plowing through the beginning with ease. Once Revs are introduced, things get more intense. I feel the ledge by the stairs in the Cyberdemon room should be made smaller, so that the fight cannot be as easily cheesed. Overall, a good experience, though there is a major bug: the exit does not work.
  19. ukiro

    OTEX texture set released!

    And we're live:
  20. I created a map (MAP01) in doom builder, and then i made "save map into", and the wad was created, but when i tried to save the second map (MAP02) in the same way, in the same wad, it din't worked. he just overwrite in the MAP01 file, and rename it to MAP02 (i open in SLADE to see what was happening). what i do?
  21. Jaws In Space

    TNT2 Remastered

    Tongue Tied was in TNT: Revilution not Devilution.
  22. Scotty

    Stifled Man Casino - new map

    FDA attached. I did lose my bearings a couple of times, perhaps due to the general symmetry and uniform texturing - but overall i had a fun rampage through this thanks to the nice level of firepower provided! The lost soul trickle was perhaps more of a nuisance and ammo sink to me more than anything :P ScottyCasinoFDA.zip
  23. First Crusade


    Ok guys, I expect that many of you like Doom Slayer as a demi-god, unstoppable killing machine, ok... BUT! What happened to That Doomguy, lone marine, an ordinary human who's able to pull the impossible? Where is that mortal side of him, that we can all relate? Where is Hells true power and a real challenge to us? I ask this questions becouse I don't see Hell as a threat no more; OK, there's demons LETS JUST KILL THEM ALL! I want the game to put us ( for at least once ) in a position that you genuinely feel Doomed; like that time when you first beat a Crucible guardian, and when you kill him at last, TWO OF THEM showed up and I was like: Hell, how am I going to beat this? You see where I'm going with this? I like how they put grunting as a new feature of Doom Eternal, I hope that means that Id actually knows what I'm talking about here so... Let me know what You guys think, I hope I'm not alone ;) Peace out!
  24. Erick

    Ultimate Doom 2 : Dead Anomaly

    This took 5 days to make? The effort is so low that there's barely anything to enjoy here. All you do is just fight four Barons in one small square room, walls lower, you go kill some Spectres, and then you walk to some exit with a sky texture plastered on it. With the lack of anything in this map, I don't understand how there are still misaligned textures. Skip.
  25. theDia

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Because Doom is my secret-life I have no Dooming-pics of myself. This is the promotional pic from my last podcast-project, because IRL I´m a film-critic since the early 1980ies (that's why I'm holding my favourite movie from 2018 in my hands here). :)
  26. Linguica

    Post a picture of yourself!

    took this a few weeks ago for absolutely no reason
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