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  2. Nevander

    Doom Itemless Challenge!

    Some items are very hard or downright impossible to avoid taking though.
  3. I fear just one thing - a day, when it's gonna be Eternal Doom...
  4. Simomarchi

    Doors with switch

    The correct procedure is 1) build your door (a sector with the ceiling lowered to the level of the floor) 2) create a switch. You can simply place a switch texture on a wall and that's it. Of course you can create switches of any shape, as long as you have fantasy. 3) now it is time to our switch to perform an action when pushed (because now it is only a simple texture on a wall). In order to do that go in sector mode and select your door. Tag this sector (you can do this manually, inserting the number, or you can click on the "unused" button to generate a new one). Now your door has a name, and the game, if is told to do something on a sector with that tag, will do that thing on your door. 4) now, in line mode, select your switch (his line), and give him action 11 "Door Open". Now you have to give this action some arguments. So in the tag section (not the one of the line, the one right under the place where you have placed the action) put the same tag that you have used for your door. 5) remember to check if the option "when player presses use" at the bottom of this window and if the line if facing the player There is no need to insert any tag in the switch sector
  5. RonnieJamesDiner

    Doors with switch

    I'll reiterate what Alper002 said, but with pictures. Give your door sector a Tag (in this case: 1). Next, go to your switch linedef and give it the Door_Open action. In the Sector Tag box, put the same number you gave the door sector (1), so that the action knows which sector to apply the action to. Then below, in activation, set When player presses use. Because this action only opens the door once, you want to make sure Repeatable action is unchecked. Once you have actions connected by a Tag, the editor will actually show you that they're connected with this purple line.
  6. Hey - I tried to look it up and unable to find anything on the actual changing the color at the Difficulty Selection Screen - I found that the following code only gets produced when it's not selected but when selected, it changes back to default red: skill easy {TextColor = "Yellow"} How do I have it where when it IS selected, it says the same color?
  7. Sui Generis

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    Nihility - Prboom+ UV Continuous E2M5 - “Albtraum-Haus” (Nightmare House) This map is good too, although perhaps not so much in my mind as E2M4 before it. We have a well routed tech base with a circuit that changes as the map progresses. Rather less of it feels to be isolated from other parts and there is nothing like the rather less developed feel of E2M3 this wad, with the simple hub spoke affair before it. I do tend to feel the environs in this map are a little less varied and less distinctive than M4. I do have much love for the quintessential blue computer tech with dark grey stone E2 aesthetic and find this is used well in this map, but for example there is less height variation a la the wooden area of E2M4 - we have a floor plan with modest occasional variations on a height but fundamentally most of the areas tend to be at a fairly close level, and with the predominantly mid-sized individual rooms (albeit each being fairly distinct and interesting in their own right) are not brought together and contrasted so much. The crusher chain with rock area was a bit closer to what I had in mind but forms only a portion of the map, with the rest being relatively less varied. The gameplay is still fairly decent with a mixture of incidental combat on the road punctuated by more enjoyable traps. Similarly, the fast moving wraiths are often used outside of traps, to the side or in narrower areas to wake up the player. The number of secrets in the map is impressive; I reached the conventional exit having found seven and being aware of the secret exit but I hadn't found the last chain to remove the second barrier. The problem was working out what was opened by the switch in the caco area near the beginning. It's a good little puzzle that advertises it's existence with the non-hidden switch, that beguiles you into trying to solve it by the sound of the door opening not so far away, and rewards your secret intuition by having the actual door be one that you probably would suspect to be a secret anyway, but by virtue of it not giving up it's existence as simply as being pressed as normal or wall-humped makes it far more interesting. In fact overall I have to give credit to the author for the layered nature of the secrets in that they open up more secrets elsewhere - in particular the sense of progression as one visibly whittles away the locked barriers to the secret exit is a fantastic way of both rewarding and incentivising the player to hunt harder, and highlights a way to make secrets more difficult and also more fun. I may be slightly biased given that I've now managed to find all secrets on all levels so far, but still. More props to the author and off to the secret level for me. Oh and on encountering it, I admit I scoffed at the pretty plain "DON'T" room and paid the price - although as a continuous player I have now abused it after an impulsive but successful BFG grab. E2M9 - “Hirntod” (Brain death) 'Brain death' is an apt name for this map, both because of the quantity of broken skull textures, and also because how my head felt after spending an hour combing the map to find all the secrets! So here is our friendly neighbourhood level with a Deimos Lab reference: a cavernous mixture of large, high ceilinged slime channels among tech and greystone (something that also put me in mind of another E2 wad, E2M7 of dinner.wad - almost certainly not inspiration for this though) and perhaps I detect a hint of the arena type areas from Fortress of Mystery. Other commenters have referenced the theme of descending in this map and I've got to agree with this, following on from the descent to the secret exit in E2M5 before, this map continues the feeling of a strange, evil excavation. Indeed, the big expansive areas and desolate atmosphere of the iwad Deimos lab, with some of the wackier later areas is a good match here, but it's pretty broad brush design cues that Nihility takes here and mostly the author's own riffing and remixing of the two. Contrasting the lower, darker areas we have the upper slime pit places which are open-skied, more techy and brighter. The combat, as I recall is fairly steady, with the baron in the E2M4 tech lab being memorable to me, because I was able to teleport above from the crate area and cheese it (sorry, Years). There are several exceptions though: the big cavernous skull well has a couple of teleport ins and there's the good release on picking up the key in the E2M4 island section. A different sort of danger from claustrophobia is present in the crates area, where this time instead of darkness being the ally of those damn wraiths, it's numbers and the short firing distances enforced by the crate maze working against you - I do not look forwards to fighting many suicide zombies in that sort of area! That brings me nicely onto what I felt was the best part of the map - the dark, broad wooden maze after the red key. Boy, do I regret my anti-imp point blank shotgun reaction shooting with those suicide zombies! That enemy is a great idea, as it turns years of well-honed semi-automatic shotgunning on it's head - I can tell I am really going to feel some pain from these guys if I'm not careful, but as a Doomer, the instinct is well baked in so it's also hard to unlearn. As for the area itself, it's intermittent flashing darkness, with increasing waves of wraiths and other monster releases is very well worked. Add to that the teleport lines that threw out my firing lines to take down the wraiths and forced me to watch my six, then the red winged manc-baron to throw the cat among pigeons - this area was a great exercise in building tension and concern to legitimate near panic - the secret light amp is a great aid, but as I at first approached cautiously it didn't last long enough. I ended at a corner where I could make the longest firing lines, constantly looking left, then right, and back much like the Doom guy's eyes glancing back and forth, in the gloom trying to be ready for the next enemy before they got too close. Brilliant stuff. And finally with this being the first time I encountered the manc baron (and in less favourable circumstances) I finally felt the need to reach for the plasma rifle and used it for the first time. First impressions, I don't mind the green plasma, but I was honestly expecting something more akin to the Playstation plasma rifle firing sound, which is probably my favourite non-iwad firing sound effect. I nearly lost my clean sheet with getting 100% secrets and I reached the exit having initially found just 3; later I found more, but I do hesitate to credit myself with this, as one of them is accessible only via the Tom Hall styled changing room area which is a one-time access secret. My persistence was rewarded though as I am finally a legitimate BFG owner, if we discount the DON'T room linedef abuse of the previous level. Having barely used the PR or BFG I had full cells, but had to use the BFG to deal with the mastermind - thus I left with fewer cells then I entered the last secret with. The joys of being a completist, eh. Anyway, I digress - this is a pretty good and interesting level, and I really rate the wooden maze area.
  8. Fair enough! Here is Beta 3b with a fix for the UnBeliever patch. The Tomed Phoenix Rod ammo still depletes more slowly, but the damage is reduced to what it is in vanilla. That seems to help a bit with the E1M2 fight, since the enemies in it are low-health.
  9. vodka kmfdm

    Doors with switch

    Sorry but I didn't understand anything... Ok, To switch I put action 11(Door Open) and in sector tag of switch what I put? Then after switch what I do?
  10. crazyflyingdonut


    I was SO close to playing it. What killed it for me was the garbage textures. They're worse than TerryWAD textures! If the textures in your map are worse than most TerryWAD's... you have a huge fucking problem.
  11. Sector 147

    E1M6 Void Glide Non TAS Discovered

    I saw Zero-Master's TAS trick and he used a player to push himself into bounds from a certain position despite it being TAS, I wonder if you could do the same with a rocket.
  12. DynamiteKaitorn


    Another tip, please put all the old links inside of a spoiler. Just helps to clean up your first page and make it look nicer :3
  13. Sector 147

    E1M6 Void Glide Non TAS Discovered

    There might be a way to loop around the blue key area to reach the exit switch, but I couldn't find any path.
  14. Today
  15. Capellan

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    The "Commander Lilith" DLC for Borderlands 2. It's alright, though the enemies are very bullet-spongey.
  16. I think there's two other places where you can do a void glide in E1M6. One where Zero-Master's TAS coop video did it and the other is at the wall that closes when you enter the red key room.
  17. Salahmander2

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I was actually playing Rendering Ranger earlier. It's so gutting Japan had it in limited form, shame, because it plays so well and it combines a bit of Contra with Thunder Force and it surprisingly works.
  18. RaresJF


    The map was bad, the textures are bad and the enemies are a good idea, but they can't touch me because I already have a shotgun so what's the point? 3/10
  19. Sodo

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E2M4 UV-Speed in 0:41 E2M4_41.zip E2M5 Pacifist in 0:29 E2M5_29.zip
  20. RaresJF

    Chemical Facility - (My first map/.WAD)

    The map was really good. Short but sweet! 10/10
  21. Simomarchi

    Reactor Core (My First Wad)

    And thank you to teach me the correct way to spell ambitious :)
  22. noisebloom

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom Mod Beta

    I love the inspiration - will check it out!
  23. RaresJF

    Monster Closet Facility (My First Doom Level)

    The wad is actually really good! The new weapons are really good, but the TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN is gamechanging! I have to give you an extra point for the triple barrel shotgun! The map is challenging. It is a bit unfair in some parts but the map is great anyways! For a "First WAD" this is absolutely great! Overall, you should try the map! 11/10
  24. Honestly, I work a lot and sometimes it's a good idea to have a break, I mean a trip. Just having a 2-3 day vacation is the best option for me. Only traveling gives me energy and keeps my mind healthy. That's why I have already visited more than 15 countries
  25. I'm going to give this a whirl today. I do think this needs a better name. Vanilla Doom Plus is too vague. I think you'll have a better reception if you post this on the zdoom forums.
  26. So, how is the port going? Been a while since I've last heard anything, and obviously there has not been an update in a long time. Any chances of this ever getting merged into the mainline GZDoom?
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