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  2. almostmatt1

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    I am certainly enjoying making them. :) I'm making a start on Episode 2. Map 11 No Monsters in 1:40 - evit11nomo-140.zip Map 11 No Monsters 100% Secrets in 1:54 - evit11nomo100-154.zip Map 12 No Monsters in 1:02 - evit12nomo-102.zip Map 32 all secrets is on the horizon, and it has me nervous haha. That one is going to be fairly difficulty to route optimally.
  3. Rosh Fragger

    ZDS #615 - EFA_DM

  4. ReaperAA

    Quake II RTX: Official Announce Trailer

    Isn't it already the case? CGI cutscenes in most of 90's games look much much worse than modern ingame graphics.

    unpopular retro opinions

    Waxworks is the best horror game of the 90s. Although it's probably the most frustrating as well...
  6. xttl

    Scanlines crt screen finally

    Ok, so here's a photo from a pretty decent 19-inch Trinitron clone (aperture grille) tube. The game is running in DOSBox in a 640x400 (pixel-doubled in software both horizontally&vertically without filtering) 70Hz video mode. Modeline from xorg.conf: "640x400_70.00" 23.35 640 656 720 800 400 401 404 417 -HSync +Vsync (I generated it from the command line using "gtf 640 400 70"). The actual hardware doublescanned 320x200 mode does not work properly on modern Nvidia cards anymore (except maybe if booted to DOS), it just looks blurry. I will check later how it looks running from an actual DOS PC in real 320x200 VGA mode but I think it should be pretty much the same. From a normal viewing distance slight lines are noticeable but nothing as dramatic as old consoles/computers running on sharp TVs or professional video monitors. As mentioned previously in this thread, in the mid-90s most people have played the game on a smaller and less sharp display and those don't really have visible lines. Personally I actually prefer the pixelated look, whether the lines are there or not I don't really care about, it's fine either way. To me a blurry picture or visible "scanlines" have never really been reasons to miss CRTs. Instead, I prefer to use CRT displays with old systems only because this avoids any ugly and possibly laggy upscaling, and because the monitor is almost guaranteed to work correctly with all kinds of weird tweaked VGA modes. Or, if we're talking about old console or home computer video sources instead, because the display is guaranteed to not have a shitty deinterlacer and it's also guaranteed that it will not get confused if fed a "240p" or "288p" signal. Also, here's a close up. Lines are more clearly visible, but would you sit with your nose glued to the screen?
  7. Today
  8. igg

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    Even in Doom 1 + 2 the portrayal of hell is not very biblical. In the Bible Hell doesn't exist before the apocalypse and God is the ruler of Hell, not Satan or any other demonic king.
  9. Compare the opening to Doom 2016: To the voice from the trailer: The voice is NOT Samuel Hayden. The voice isn't even close. I assume it's the Seraphim, as described in the Doom Slayer logs.
  10. cheers danbo, really appreciate you taking the time to play and comment, it warms my heart to hear you enjoyed it :D also very glad you share my love for garegga music haha, I love that soundtrack too much to not have included at least one track in the project. I'd love to make more use of the garegga ost someday!
  11. joepallai

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    started working on a new area for Akeldama; trying out using the 16 unit grid first to rapidly prototype areas, then I'll go back and detail later. So far it's a nice way to map versus working in 1 unit grids... Also playing with Stone2 as I don't recall using that texture before.
  12. ketmar

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    ok, i accepted your request there. my sleeping hours are somewhat random, so if you won't get an answer, it means that i am sleeping, and will reply when i'll wake up. ;-)
  13. SaladBadger

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    I think the Cacodemon is cuter, but the Pain Elemental is interesting in that under vanilla rules they can be tamed. Can't compete too much with a mostly hassle free pet pain elemental.
  14. -TDRR-

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Added, right now i can't chat but tomorrow i will send you a message there. Yeah, maybe i should just use the main version as a base, would be easier to work with. Gave a quick glance at that file and it seems helpful too, will use both as they complement each other.
  15. DoomedSpartan

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    I feel we have very little info on this like who are the 2 voices who is the 2nd voice trailer talking about.What exactly is the marauder(its not a demon for sure).What is heaven and Sentinel Primes Role in all this,Who is in possession of the crucible(cant be Hayden just look at him),And where is the Icon of Sin??? However this theory should not be overlooked because ID Software has taken a lot of inspiration and a lot of stuff from the Bible to make Classic Doom They could've revisited all that
  16. Sugardust

    Post a picture of yourself!

    No, I do not play guitar nor no how.
  17. ketmar

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    hm. changing player mobj velocity should work as expected. if it doesn't, this is definitely a bug in k8vavoom that should be fixed. and crashes should be fixed too. i think that it would be better to make "common" version working with k8vavoom, so you'll have less maintenance burden. i am happy to help. you can also contact me with Tox, my Tox ID is 19E9FBD4935E8E5002EE3DB3F49985A04DCB30D13231E643DA41A00B1372271117E6545015A0 yes, it is mostly usable. there is also this file with more documentation on (changed) language syntax and some added features.
  18. Graf Zahl

    Reliable IWAD detection method

    Don't depend on that. The BFG edition IWADs and Chex.wad have a PWAD identifier, for example. So do most third party IWADs. Of the IWADs I have, Chex3.wad, action2.wad, hacx2.wad and harm.wad all use PWAD instead of IWAD.
  19. DoomedSpartan

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    Ok but humans are not allowed to be dealing with argent energy cuzz if they are allowed why dont they have it Well they did worships demons and they were spreading demon ideology in Earth by calling the demons friends.And in the 1st game a lot of people volunteered for the revenant program no one was forced into being turned.The UAC Cult especially has grown a lot and it is spreading they re ideologies.Especially in Earth were they were telling everybody to welcome they re new friends and in the trailer we can see a lot of people bowing down to a hell priest.Samuel is an interesting take maybe he got destroyed while protecting the crucible or he got so corrupted the crucible destroyed him .IDKwe will have to wait and see
  20. ChicagoTrash

    Doom 2016 not responding

    Sorry if this question makes me sound like an idiot, but how do I do that? I can't change it in-game because it starts not responding before I can reach a menu.
  21. -TDRR-

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    So yeah, forget what i said about it working very good, i noticed the bots will never move away from where they started. Seems like A_Recoil doesn't work at all. They also crash after killing them, but not 100% of the time. Okay i'm giving you two options: Keep trying to fix this (again, A_Recoil and A_ChangeVelocity don't seem to work at all) and even a couple crashes i catched now, Or I'll rewrite it on Vavoom C, but once it's done i don't think there will be any updates (besides bugfixes) because VC is really tough to me. It won't happen yet but until i'm happy enough with the bot's featureset. (I really wouldn't want K8Vavoom's version to be so far behind the others so that's why) EDIT: Hey, is this page Vavoom C Documentation still usable as a reference for K8Vavoom? That would make this way, way easier.
  22. SirJuicyLemon

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    I always thought the Arachnotrons were adorable. I mean, look at their baby faces!
  23. fabian

    Reliable IWAD detection method

    First 4 bytes are 'I', 'W', 'A' and 'D'.
  24. Maximum Matt

    Caco or Pain Elemental, which is the more adorable monster?

    I also hate that, if you don't kill the bastards immediately (like if you're hung up fighting some other monsters), 95% of the time it's gonna get into an infight with one of its' own lost souls, of course creating even more. You know that feeling when you come back into a room where you had to leave a PE and just see a huge cloud of lost souls, hanging around and bumping into each other. On the other hand, I like it when the lost soul limit for the map has been reached and they're totally harmless, letting you punch them to death. That's quite cathartic.
  25. dr_st

    What's your playing style?

    Embarrassingly bad. I've been playing DOOM off and on since 1996, and never got really good at it. Never got the patience to develop the skills needed to consistently survive battles with lots of tough enemies. I did eventually beat all original IWAD levels on UV, but with free use of mid-level saves. There are a handful of PWADs I played but never invested much time into them. I play the original DOS engines keyboard only, but I play the modern engines that actually have free-look (e.g., Doomsday) mouse+keyboard. Seems more natural this way. Mouse+keyboard does make things easier. I think I played Scythe 2 in Doomsday on UV and reached level 15 without massive save-spamming (maybe without mid-level saves at all), before losing interest again.
  26. ketmar

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    yeah. so i will have some bugs fixed, and (hopefully) k8vavoom support in TDBots. two for the price of one, i love it! ;-)
  27. Thanks for the responses. I'm trying to work out if a bunch of my old PC games were ever released in boxes, Perditions gate being one of them.
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