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  2. Sector 147

    E1M6 Void Glide Non TAS

  3. Salahmander2

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I was actually playing Rendering Ranger earlier. It's so gutting Japan had it in limited form, shame, because it plays so well and it combines a bit of Contra with Thunder Force and it surprisingly works.
  4. RaresJF


    The map was bad, the textures are bad and the enemies are a good idea, but they can't touch me because I already have a shotgun so what's the point? 3/10
  5. Sodo

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E2M4 UV-Speed in 0:41 E2M4_41.zip E2M5 Pacifist in 0:29 E2M5_29.zip
  6. RaresJF

    Chemical Facility - (My first map/.WAD)

    The map was really good. Short but sweet! 10/10
  7. Simomarchi

    Reactor Core (My First Wad)

    And thank you to teach me the correct way to spell ambitious :)
  8. noisebloom

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom Mod Beta

    I love the inspiration - will check it out!
  9. RaresJF

    Monster Closet Facility (My First Doom Level)

    The wad is actually really good! The new weapons are really good, but the TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN is gamechanging! I have to give you an extra point for the triple barrel shotgun! The map is challenging. It is a bit unfair in some parts but the map is great anyways! For a "First WAD" this is absolutely great! Overall, you should try the map! 11/10
  10. Honestly, I work a lot and sometimes it's a good idea to have a break, I mean a trip. Just having a 2-3 day vacation is the best option for me. Only traveling gives me energy and keeps my mind healthy. That's why I have already visited more than 15 countries
  11. I'm going to give this a whirl today. I do think this needs a better name. Vanilla Doom Plus is too vague.
  12. So, how is the port going? Been a while since I've last heard anything, and obviously there has not been an update in a long time. Any chances of this ever getting merged into the mainline GZDoom?
  13. xvertigox

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom Mod Beta

    I'll give this a jam. Some screenshots would help.
  14. Sorry for the super late reply. I've been so busy with other projects I forgot to check this one. Welcome aboard!
  15. I could certainly add monsters to your maps, if you wish. :)
  16. obake

    The Modest Mapping Challenge

    I'll be looking more into this project. I agree with @Super Mighty G about the project needing more focus, but I'm willing to see where it goes. I actually think the 4-monster limit is an interesting idea. Perhaps a good way to implement it would be to make a list of specific monsters for each map slot, so that it is remains varied.
  17. xvertigox

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Duels on bby
  18. Today
  19. haruko haruhara

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Does anyone have hotline uac beta 5
  20. Been on holiday for most of June, but I've tried to make some stuff. @valkiriforce I tried making something with some inspiration form the placeholder from map 10. It might be a bit short, and I'm not sure if it fits the map, but it might go somewhere else. I can try to lengthen it if someone wants it. Mind the Gap (WIP) I also made a heavier track that perhaps will fit a more violent hell map. It's still a work in progress, hence the abrupt ending. I'm not sure if the slow semi-generic breakdown close to the end feels video-game-y enough, so I might remove that. This Might Burn (WIP) I will appreciate any feedback, this is my first time making Doom-music after all! :)
  21. sun_stealer

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    Again, thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it! Using about 100 hacks I was able to get this first self-play setup, where I will do my first multi-agent experiments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHGSZRFTnf0 These are 8 random agents (untrained) acting together in a single deathmatch, a scaffolding for the neural network training environment. I was able to collect about 11500FPS of Doom gameplay on a single computer, which means that the agents will be learning at about ~300x speed compared to real time. But this is only the beginning. @JKist3 I agree that duel should be the ultimate goal, and I anticipate this will be very hard for the current state-of-the-art agents. Which makes it that much more exciting, this is a very clear benchmark to beat! We're planning to focus first on like 8-player deathmatch which is much more reactive and chaotic and should be easier for the agents. Then we might start thinking about duels.
  22. Walter confetti

    Make a monster fire faster on Dehacked / Whacked

    Shoot more frequently. Thanks, i'll trying it when I have time...
  23. Girls got cooties!
  24. Underdark Overbright is a great episode of maps, especially since it's a continous set which we don't see often. The Copper mod itself is quite subtle in what it does, but seems to work very well. The only thing that felt off was a Backpack SFX replacement which sounded janky in Winquake(MarkV). Sounded fine in Quakespasm though. "The Truth Is Out There"
  25. Well, that's odd... Sadly, though, I can't help. @Graf Zahl if anyone is likely to know what's going on.
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