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  2. Tuckymonster

    sonic robo blast's multiplayer

    sonic robo 2 blast has a built i multiplayer it looks like. i wanted to look inside of it to see how its done but there is no pk3 or wad. is there a place i can get one?
  3. Nine Inch Heels

    Ok, i want to make a WAD, but what editor i can use?

    If on a windos machine: Use DBX or gzdb for mapping, and SLADE for adding MIDIs, textures, sprites etc. If you're on a mac, run a VM and use DBX :P
  4. DoomSpud


    I have no idea what you're talking about so I'll just nod and smile :)
  5. DoomSpud

    Anyone remember Yakworld?

    First PWAD I ever played 25 years ago...
  6. Pero yo veo que postean todos los días!!! No te agüevéz por eso, eso pasa en todo lado.
  7. DoomSpud

    Labyrinth Doom Wad

    THIS is a Labyrinth...
  8. From a Dream by Malcolm Sailor (review posted May 27, 2018)




    9RlaKAc.png pkW5BJJ.png SjXlybQ.png


    One of six individual PWADs released in DS-61-2.ZIP, later updated to DS-61-3.ZIP. It's apparently based on a dream that Sailor had, hence the title. It's a short and straightforward experience with a couple of rude surprises.



  9. Edward850

    Screen Glitch..

    You are presumably missing textures, and as such what you are seeing is when the renderer has nothing to draw, it continues to show what was there previously. All walls need textures otherwise this will happen. If you are sure the walls are textured, post the map so somebody can inspect it.
  10. however we are talking about a place where there are many doomers who speak English and fewer doomers who speak in Spanish
  11. Today
  12. TheOrganGrinder

    Using secrets effectively

    I'm very fond of "puzzle" secrets, where you're not just looking for an inconsistency in well texture or some other visual or situational clue, but instead you can see the "inside" of the secret - some inaccessible area across a pit or outside of a window, or an item placed out of your reach - and the gameplay isn't in finding/discerning the secret's existence, but in figuring out how to access or activate the secret place or reward that you can see quite clearly exists.
  13. estoy en una situación muy jodida, se esta muriendo el grupo y algunos miembros no ayudan que el servidor este muy activo para nada es muy díficil ocupo mas miembros que esten activos ( I'm in a very fucked up situation, the group is dying and some members do not help that the server is very active at all it's very difficult to occupy more members that are active )
  14. Night Avenger

    Doom Streams

    bout to stream some MAPWICH https://www.twitch.tv/dagazur
  15. Magicana

    Fourteenth Quadrant Spectacular

    Got stuck in the nukage by the yellow key door with no apparent way out. Lot of interesting design choices...
  16. nicolas monti

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Thanks buddy, noticing some things to fix you didn't notice and also I'm cutting down a bit that teleport cliché for the next maps! EDIT: On emsian, the previous map, you won't be able to camp up the elevator in the last section for the final version and that switch will be fixed, thanks again!
  17. Sector 147

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Doom E3M4 in 0:39 e3m4o039.zip
  18. Altazimuth

    Build trouble on Debian 10 (buster)

    squints C++17 feature is experimental in C++17-compliant compilers? What? I'll look into fixing it in that case, however that's achieved.
  19. grommile

    Build trouble on Debian 10 (buster)

    And we have a maintainer response: "these are features marked as experimental, and you need to link with libstdc++fs.a."
  20. crazyflyingdonut

    Quake/Doom/Doom2 made out CARDBOARD

    Is it pure unadulterated cardboard?
  21. HAK3180

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @nicolas monti download the .wad This is how to do a linear map. You made few decisions as to which way to go, but the whole map is pretty much before you from the start. The way it all connects and you reuse space is excellent. Bottom line: More of the same, which is a fun, interactive, memorable layout and simple but aggressive Doom 1 combat
  22. Casketkrusher

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I've noticed that too in my map progression, for me it is very hard to make a what like open world experience (not linear in that sense), linear can be fun too if it is executed the right way and ofcourse if it is still interesting. I also like to put some backtracking in my maps as well. Without it being boring atleast if new monster spawn it can be rather fun and finding secrets or new paths.
  23. Ajora

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm playing the Sega arcade classic I'm Sorry, which is about Japan's corrupt Prime Minister, Kakuei Tanaka avoiding various celebrities in mazes while collecting bars of gold. It's funny, and very well designed. All fans of Pacman should seek it out.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Casketkrusher

    My second attempt at map making.

    Thank you, yes I've noticed this as well, especally with curved linedefs. They are all connected though. Sometimes it happens more often. Don't know why. Should have a deep look into it :) the wad you downloaded I didn't save the map info correctly. It is fixed now.
  26. The main choices at the moment are Doob builder X and GZDoombuilder Bugfix. Both of this softwares are avaiable on the internet for free on their sites (and I'm quite sure that they have a thread also here, at least DBX) If you want to add enemies, backgrounds, or anything to your wad you can download slade3 for free from his site, it is a basic tool for anyone that wants to make a wad with a decent level of custom stuff in it.
  27. Casketkrusher

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Hey Magicana, thank you for noticing, I think I didn't save the mapinfo. I've updated the link. Should work now :) Cheers :)
  28. elend

    Using secrets effectively

    I personally like secrets that contain a little visual gag or let me reach very strange areas in a map. The ordinary "here, have some extra ammo" secret is fine, but a little bit boring, especially if a mapper decides to put too many into his map. Opening up secret "passages" via secret is a neat idea I have yet to explore.
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