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(Friday 10 March) Darkening E2 is out, as you know. It rocks, as you probably agree. And it features 16 MIDIs by me, which you may have not known! Reaction to the music has been excitingly mixed (ahem), so rather than rebut or espouse, I'll just list the titles and maps if you are curious:

MAP01, 13: "Eastern Cwm"
MAP02: "Blooz"
MAP03: "Smak"
MAP04, 16: "70 Hojas"
MAP05: "Gunny"
MAP06: "Fack"
MAP07: "Penvant"
MAP08, 18: "This Song Rocks Your Ass"
MAP09: "The Wicked Tree"
MAP10, 20: "The Quiet Knife Is the One That Hurts"
MAP11: "And Then I Beat Him Over the Head With His Own Bass Guitar"
MAP12, 22, 24: "Spider On Your Bagel"
MAP14, 21: "Devil's Disco"
MAP15, 19: "Rok"
MAP17: "Cok"
MAP24: "sTeve"

Interestingly enough, one song, "October Smack", was not included at all. It's really symtomatic, I think, of what was wrong with the tunes in general. Too much experimentation, too much departure from what most people expect to hear from DOOM. Generally, the tracks that work the best are the ones that are either typical DOOM-y rock, or typical DOOM-y spookiness. Stuff like piano sounds much more out of place than I thought it would. I suppose more testing would've been in order, but the project was really too disjointed for that. No offense guys, it plays great. Any comments? I'd really like some massive emails on this, so feel free to send one my way, bad or good.

(Sunday 02 January) Well, hot diggity damn! It sure took a while, but some of my midis are finally seeing release! They're old, and not some of my favorites (in light of new cool styles and influences), but enjoyable nonetheless. The project, if you haven't heard of it, is called SlaughterDM, and i have the honor of providing the tune for a level originally laid out by Iikka Keranen. That is pretty cool. I haven't been too active in the testing of the levels themselves due to much stuff going on all around the place, but I have the feeling that a very enjoyable Doom DM awaits (I've only just run about looking in SP). Anyway, give it a whirl if you got the itch.

Happy 2000 y'all!

(Saturday 30 October) Long time no see. Basically nothing is happening. I'm just updating to let y'all in on the completion of Suite #2. It's my second big midi file, and I think it's pretty swank. Feedback is appreciated. Suite #1 can also be listened to as well. These are the express property of me, don't distribute, blah blah blah... Night all.

(Tuesday 17 August) Just another quick note. Two projects that I've done music for are coming out soon... finally! The Darkening E2 is basically complete, and awaits Ola's new computer setup for some finishing touches. A bunch of my MIDI work will be in there, along with Neo-Doom. Neo-Doom's first release is nearing completion and should be out, well... soon (ish).

(Sunday 25 July) Bad links are fixed, misspellings not. New Public Domain tune up, its ribbed for her pleasure.

(Sunday 30 May) Whew, finally got a chance to make the site into something. Anyway, in the past weeks, I've gotten quite a few requests, but they're all manageable, so keep 'em coming! I'll just say a few more words about the new portions of the site, then git outta yer face. Up above you'll notice a few new links to other pages. These are pretty basic, but I'll explain them anyway. The first is called "Samples". This is (duh) where you can hear samples of my music and read about them, etc. Feel free to download these file and listen to them from your own hard drive, but they are not free for use in WADs. This brings me to the next new section. If you need a song for a WAD, and don't really have a specific theme in mind, consider looking through "Public Domain" for one that suits your fancy. These songs are free for the use of anyone who needs them. All I ask is that you credit me in the TXT file, and if you're a nice guy (or gal) drop me a mail so I can check out your level!

The last section is pretty keen, if I do say so myself. It's called "The Index", and that's just what it is. It's an index of everything I'm working on at the moment. If you've sent me a request mail but aren't sure if I got it, or you just want to check and see what's going on, you can go here. Everybody I'm "working for" at the moment is listed there, with email addresses, links to the song (when done) and the WAD itself (when done). It's gonna be cool once all these things start coming out. Consider the MIDIs here as "samples" as well, as each is free for your listening, but custom-made for its WAD, and as such, not available for use by anyone besides the WAD-builder him(her)self. Her? Anyway, there you have it. Check it out!

Oh, and before I forget, can anyone recommend some good electronic music to buy? My CD collection to this point is pop/rock/things with real instruments and words, so I have no idea where to start. I'm looking for something non-dark, similar to the Wipeout XL soundtrack which I've been playing incessantly for the last couple days. All suggestions welcome, the more intellectual the better (ie. if you say "Progidy" I will kill you).

~ Manifesto ~

In my mind, every wad released should have new music. I am offering my services to the level editing community as far as composing goes. Frankly, I have no idea how many requests this will generate, but for now, if you are a DOOM level designer, and you an original MIDI tune for your level, drop me a line at with "DOOM MIDI request" in the subject line. If things get out of hand, I'll admit defeat, and you can say "I told you so" but for now, send 'em in! If possible, I'd like to see a beta (or something) of your level, but I really don't have the bandwidth to take email attachments like that, so if you have it up on some webspace somewhere, I'll love you that much more. Of course, if previous levels of yours are available online, just send a pointer to them, this is just to weed out people who make big rooms with twelve Cyberdemons, or people who make conversions like "Goat Pr0n 5". Thanks.

And in case you're wondering about the email address, I also help maintain a little site called Zarathustra Studios with my pal Overman. So that's about it (for now). Big thanks out to the Doomworld posse for providing the webspace, BTW.

- kniggit

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