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Songs YOU Can Have...Right the Hell Now!

Billy's Scared - This was resurrected from the Darkening E2 reject pile. I managed to do something cool with the idea, and now it's yours... do with it what you will.

aMB - When I was asked to do music for the Mordeth E2 Project, I wanted to do something different. This was my experiment with a completely ambient MIDI file. Not as easy to do as it sounded at first, it ended up turning out a bit empty. Those long silences are actually filled with very quiet rushings and whooshings. If you play Doom at the volume of an actual warit should sound mint. Do with it what you will. I'm very interested to see how it works in-game.

We Like the Juice Sir - This is a prime example of my "mallets" period where I was obsessed with marimbas, xylophones, and the like. I kinda like this one, but I agree with Gaston who said it "wasn't doom-y" enough.

Blink Bonk, Blink Bonk, Blink Bonk (Blink Bonk) - More swanky mallets, and in 9/4 time no less! A bit mellow unless your level is very sparse monster-wise. I love holding back a hip variation until like, two minutes into the song, it rocks, heh.

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