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A Sampling of Recent Tunage

Waltz #4 - I do my share of major-key stuff (gotta stay well rounded baby), and while this is not the best of the four waltzes, it rocks some booty anyway.

(I've Got) Small Iron Balls - While there is no way to play a midi on a client during Quake2 multiplayer, this song is the Official Theme Song of Team Reaction's award- winning Q2 mod "QPong". It was in the zip and everything! Whee! Whitenoiz is da man. The vibraphone calls to mind the yummy dings and boops of classic pinball machines, and the grooving bass will get you in the correct mindset for wacky ball-hopping frags! Double whee!

Fjork - This unusual ditty was sort of an ode to some of the synth patterns (namely 1 1 5 5 8 8 5 5) Bjork has all throughout her CD "Post".

Gonzu - This is meant to evoke some ancient temple or monolith. Well, not really, but "Gonzu" sure sounds like a name of some andcient temple or monolith, huh?

The One-Minute Maiming - Okay, you want to hear something in the Doom style, I bet. Well, here you go, clocking in at 1:00, the extreme heaviness champion, "The One Minute Maiming". You'll be hearing this (most likely) in TeamTNT's upcoming TC "Ultimate Invasion", along with a bunch of other songs of mine.

my p1mp is DOOMWORLD