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Bots for Doom have been fairly recent in development, since it has been little over a year since the release of the Doom source code. The gaming community first saw bots in the form of QuakeC mods, & they have since also been found in Quake2, Unreal, & now Doom.
Bots are, for those of you who don't know, a simulation of the multiplayer (hereafter referred to as MP) opponents/companions you would normally find in a network or modem game of Doom, Quake, et. al. They are very popular because many people don't like the lag that the internet causes in MP games, or they can't find someone to hook up with, or they can't find a server with low enough ping. For whatever reason, they just want some MP action without all the concomitant hassle.

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Deathmatch Bots: There are currently 3 "real" DM bots. There have been some fake bots that are simply hacks of monster ai to simulate a bot, but IMHO an ideal DM bot should have the following characteristics:

In other words: the bot should behave like a human player! Here are the 3 current DM bots:
  1. Doombot, by Fly (released October 31, 1998)
  2. Cajun Bot, by Yoghurt (released December 5, 1998)
  3. Deathbot (released March 8, 1999)

Co-Op Bots: The Doombot & the Cajun Bot now play co-op to an extent, but their ability in this regard is still undeveloped. A few ports have their own cooperative bots. This example of bot behavior had been available at first only with the release of Lee Killough's Marine's Best Friend, which featured helpful dogs, of course. Thrust will feature cooperative player bots. Desireable co-op bot characteristics would include:

The Cajun Bot & the Doombot can both run in co-op mode. There are also currently 2 ports that have, or will have, built-in co-op bots:
  1. Marine's Best Friend, by Lee Killough (released December 17, 1998)
  2. Thrust, by Darkfang (release pending)

Hack Your Own Monster Bots
There are also some little hacks that can be done to create some friendly monsters that could be considered co-op bots to some extent.
Here's the text that comes with my team's friendly imp ddf hack for DosDoom 0.65:
Marine's Second-Best Friend

These friendly imps are definitely not as smart as the dogs of Lee's MBF, but it is an example of how easy it is to change things with ddf.

The enclosed creature.ddf file is just a simple ddf hack of the imp behavior to make it friendly, if not very smart. You can just unzip it into your dosdoom dir & overwrite your existing creature.ddf if you want. You can always restore the original setting by adding & removing a few sets of {} brackets to comment out & un-comment the affected items.

In the [IMP] section, you will see the following commented-out section (Everything enclosed within the {} brackets is commented):

            TROO:B:10:NORMAL:LOOKOUT; }

That is the original code. It has been replaced by:


& the following was added:


Which will make the imp behave quite differently. It will attack monsters, & unfortunately barrels as well, resulting in suicide. It will also wander around aimlessly instead of chasing you around. As you can imagine, you can make any monster friendly using the same method. The only trouble is that they aren't really smart, they don't follow you around, & the change affects the entire species i.e. all imps will be friendly. I'm sure there will be better ways developed, as ddf is very new & very powerful.

MBF has an easier, better way of making friendly monsters, though.
In an editor like Deth, just select the monster you want to be friendly & set its flag to include the "no co-op" setting, in addition to the easy-med-hard settings.
These friendly monsters are smarter, they follow you around, & they will attack other monsters of the same species.


Doombot 2.5 beta (Not publicly available yet) , by Fly:

Coded in Moscow, Fly's Doombot has been developed extensively, & it is the most capable bot currently available. It uses player weapons, & its frags show up in the scores (except in the intermission screen). It can jump off ledges. The latest version can predict player movement (no, silly, it's not psychic, that means that it will lead its shots with the rl, more like a smart human player would). Hitting "B" will spawn one bot, or you can use the command line parameter -add2bots to have the game start up with 2 bots right away, although the conjoined respawning bug may occur (as is commonly the case in gothic2.wad map 30). In version 2.5, you can use -addbot # to add up to 15 bots. 2.0a was the last version to use the old DosDoom 0.47 code. From 2.1 onward, this bot has been Legacy-based.