Archived News: Third Quarter 1998

(NOTE: Since this old news has been ripped out of the main page, some of the links contained herein no longer work.)

     September 12, 1998
  Getting settled in my new digs over here at Cynetcity. They don't have the fastest or most reliable of servers here (I think I put that euphemistically enough), but I guess you get what you pay for. I have changed ISP's, & decided to move everything to a more 3rd-party location. The team is very quiet right now, probably due to school starting up again for many people, but there are big things in the near future. It is a pity that the latest representation you guys get to see right now is that buggy 0.64 which Grave loves to malign, as the more recent work-in-progress versions have been rock-steady on my own system. Faster framerates in hi-res.... the all-too-soft music volume fixed.... etc. But the decision has been to hold off on releasing anything until the whole DDF thing is up & running.

    September 1, 1998
  Hmmm.... a correction is in order.... Due to the different ways that DosDoom & Legacy handle data, there is no support for Legacy skins in the upcoming DosDoom. Not the stock Legacy skins in their proprietary format, anyway. When the next version comes out, I will have an explanation of skins, etc.

    August 23, 1998
  All is quiet on the DosDoom front. No kidding, eh? With all the hype about Legacy's skin support, I am looking forward to seeing the community's response to the next release of DosDoom, which will have DDF enabled. With DDF, DosDoom will have skin support & then some. You can take the Legacy skins (when they come out) & use them with DosDoom's DDF. I don't want to leak too much, so I will stop with that. I have added a little section called Cheap (& Other) DosDoom Tricks .

    August 11, 1998
  I have repented of my dosdoom.cfg heresy. The parameters in the config really should have an "=" in them (e.g. cdaudio=1). It works without them, but Dave Leatherdale's DosDoom setup program needs for you to have the "='s" in there. Also, you should have some headings in there like [system] & [sound]. Otherwise, the setup program will append the parameters on the end of the file rather than edit the existing lines, & then only the first occurence of the parameter will actually be used. I have posted a new, improved version of the config. More information on the config is here .
    Also, there are some more responses to the mlook & jumping poll.

    August 10, 1998
    Woah! We have an entry in the scripting contest ! Thanks Dominus . Also, the votes are coming in for & against mlook & jumping in Doom ports. Represent !

    August 2, 1998
  Seems like everybody's seriously freaking out re: the announced merge. I figured at the time that our vote in our last irc meeting would be the shot heard 'round the world... What we voted for was to merge our features with Boom's in a trial version of a port & then decide if we want to go our own way or not. Our team is very concerned about maintaining the distinctiveness that is in DosDoom, & if TeamTNT proves to be tough to work with & reluctant to let us follow our own ideas, then we are free to part ways after the trial version of the port.
    When the idea was first brought up, it was more like we were going to be assimilated into TeamTNT & Borg, er, Boom, which we vehemently opposed. We are two different ideologies. I've been curious about the bells & whistles in Boom's linedefs, but not curious enough to make me give up mlook, jumping, & hi-res. I like what Boom has, but I also like stuff that Boom doesn't have. While we don't agree with everything that TeamTNT holds as ideal, we do respect their accomplishments, & apparently the respect is mutual as TeamTNT has expressed interest in some of our features like hi-res.
    The idea of a trial merge was brought up, & we decided to give it a try. But we want to finish our own phase 1 port. So don't think of it as a "merge" of teams & ports per se, but rather a joint effort to merge the features of both ports. If the joint effort is successful & well-received, then we will decide where to go from there. I mean, hey, aren't you curious to see what it will be like? Don't worry, DosDoom & Boom will be fine, & this joint effort will be interesting. Will it be a marriage made in heaven? Or will there be irreconcilable differences? Will the offspring look like the mom  or the dad?
    NOTE: This is my unofficial page. This is my opinion. Take it as such. Other members of the DosDoom team may have a little different take on what I said. We are all individuals. For the official word from the DosDoom team, go to the team page .

  July 17, 1998
    A section has been added that explains the " Sprites-in-a-Pwad " feature that Martin Howe has contributed to DosDoom. However, this information will become obsolete very soon by the dizzying rate of DosDoom's development--I must say that the coders on my team ROCK. But the posted info is relevant to the current public release of DosDoom, so you should find it useful in the meantime.
    It seems that there is quite a flap among Doomers over some friction between some of the more prominent members of our community. It reminds me of some of the stuff I dealt with as sysop of a BBS I ran years ago. Heheheh technology changes, but human nature remains unchanged. Every altercation involves participation from both sides. We can respond in a way that will pour gasoline on the fire, or we can extinguish it. Let's face it, we are all imperfect. We all need to cut each other some slack, but we all need to be willing to listen to each other, too, so we can grow as people. If we tick somebody off or offend them, we should find out why so we can learn from our mistakes & live life more skillfully. It's understandable that tempers are hot right now, but hopefully all parties will in time be able to shake hands & get on with the business of Dooming. I'd much rather hear the Doom grapevine abuzz with something more interesting, like DosDoom development news heheheheh (hey, news on the other ports is cool, too).

  July 15, 1998
    The "What's New" section is new. Covaro at Doomworld indicated that this section is needed to help people know what has been changed since the last update. There's some new script info, & I am starting a SCRIPTING CONTEST .