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9th April 2004

Having tested my miniature time-machine (build in a Physics pratical exam) and having beamed an update to you two days in the future, I am now a week into the future and beaming you some new screenshots. (map06, 25, 29 and a few others.) I apologise for some of the screenshots' bleached-out and slovenly appearance; I went overboard with gamma-correction on some of them. After the project is released, I'll replace the lot.

In response to a remark on the Doomworld messageboard; this will not be the last vanilla Doom2 project ever made; I've still got one going that I'll get a move on with after Plutonia II is finished.

3rd April 2004

Plutonia II draws ever closer to completion; all the levels are in the beta or pre-beta stage and therefore the screenshots will follow on the next update. Goggle with wonder at them, because you'll be playing their real, animated doppelgängers THIS YEAR!! (Amazing...) And while we're on the subject, I need plenty of beta-testers with decent (or better) Doom skills to beta-test the WAD. We've got rid of most of the bastards, but there are some rogue VPOs still on the loose.

I've set up a testing board - conditions for membership follow:
1. Once you join, you are part of a private list; ie. details are not to be leaked outside the group.
2. Spammers, paparazzi and junkmail-merchants will not be tolerated.
3. Other details are in the introductory message - read it carefully and don't delete it.
Email to join. The more capable members we get the merrier.

Back soon, honest....

* * *