flay the obscene III -
christian n. hansen

Filename: flayobs3.zip
File size: 182K
Author: Christian N. Hansen
Homepage: doomersrecess.doomcenter.com
Other work: 18 other levels to date

flayobs3 image 1

Well, having played the other two Flay the Obscene WADs, I had some idea
of what to expect. But not quite to this standard! This map is very big,
and it contains dashes of what made the other two FtO WADs so good, however
it still succeeds in remaining wholly unique. A touch of Darkening E2
influence around the exit I see, and a lot of fine CNH creativity. With
the scene above (which is near the start), you can see a lot: a small
'cistern' from the entrance, a distant door that you come to later,
an annexe with an important secret in it ( :-), a distant chaingunner
alcove (where the chaingunner respawns continuously, like in Plutonia),
rockfaces, and water! Plenty of scenes like this throughout the WAD.

The gameplay isn't bad -- I must say I enjoyed it. With the aforementioned
chaingunner alcove, I found it quite annoying that I'd get semi-perforated
by the chaingunner and I knew that I couldn't kill him because he'd come
back.... If you're stuck there BTW and can't progress, walk along the
nearby rocks... you'll know what to do. ;-) I noticed a neat little trick
where the barons were frozen until you activated them... very Plutonia.

flayobs3 image 2

No bugs whatsoever -- I didn't expect any.

The aesthetics in the map are quite fantastic for a map built with original
textures. I've almost never seen a map done quite like this. One of the
really great things you can do with Doom is build lots of different types
of areas... unlike Quake2. ;-) Just about every texture I saw was very
well-matched, and there is a wide variety of themes in there. I liked it.

Good thing placement, well thought out I must say.

flayobs3 image 3


Pros: Flay the Obscene continues, with more detail than ever
Cons: A tad over-long, can get confusing

Thoroughly recommended -- a worthy addition to the series.

Construction: 9/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Error fixing: 10/10
Aesthetic: 9/10
Thing placement: 8/10
Overall: 88%

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