vrack II - fredrik johannson

Filename: vrack2.zip
File size: 588K
Author: Fredrik Johannson
Homepage: www.newdoom.com/fredrik
Other work: Vrack

vrack2 image 1

If you've seen my reactions to Vrack 1, you may be wondering what on
Earth I'd have left to say about Vrack 2! Well, what I've got to say
is this: Vrack 2 is an amazingly built level that correctly emulates
the feel built up by the previous level, but it feels both like a sequel
and a parallel map (like Vrack 1B). Not to worry, though, as it really
is amazingly constructed, with over 10,000 lines and 21,000 sides employed
to create fantastic levels of detail...! The scene above is near the
start, and it is just typical of the detail level to be found in the map.

So, on to gameplay. Hmmm. I personally found the map to be almost
unplayable, slowing my P166 with 32MBs of RAM down to a virtual crawl
with many thousands of sides and lines and the 722 monsters on UV. But
I'll not take off the score due to that, because I'm sure those of you
with more powerful computers can handle it. There are very many
monsters in this level, and the screenshots on Fredrik's site say
'harder than HR' and such. That may very well be the case -- be warned.
Especially round the outside areas with loads of big monsters.

vrack2 image 2

No bugs whatsoever; a little oddity though. The oddity is that the undersides
of the crates in the big beginning room are blinking between pitch black and
light, not something that crates normally do... ;-)

This must be one of the nicest levels I've seen -- it's the same type of
style as Vrack, but the texturing is of a wider standard and variety. This
along with Vrack is the best space-station level you'll be able to play in
my opinion. One odd thing about the skies, where they appear next to the
platforms and such, I notice that with some of these skies, they appear
to be flats that look like the skies instead of F_SKY1. Most of the
time, this is very subtly done, but there is one scene near the end
(with lots of spiders) where you can clearly see the flat. But all's well
done in the Vrack tradition, as can be seen from the screenshots.

Good thing placement, there's certainly enough ammo etc. to get through
the whole map. A point of interest: the map is so big and long that it
took Adam Hegyi -- the speed demon -- 24 minutes 36 seconds to get through
it for maxkill. It took me 14:36 with no monsters...!

vrack2 image 3


Pros: Unbelievably well built space-station level with variety and innovation.
Cons: Slows down your computer drastically if you haven't got a P266+

What can I say? Vrack 1 and 2 are part of the essential collection!
(the Immaculate Connection ;-)

Construction: 9.5/10
Gameplay: 8.5/10
Error fixing: 10/10
Aesthetic: 9.5/10
Thing placement: 9/10
Overall: 93%

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