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December 29, 1998

    Oops... has it been that long? Oh well, Mockery will be released on the 31st of January! I swear! One way or another. Oh and for those that are interested. There are looking to be at least 2 spots open ATM for level designers. Probably a few more will open up as well. All you crappy designers get ready. 'Cause here comes Mockery. Also, if anyone would like to start a Mockery spin-off such as Mockery DM, feel free to contact me and I'll get you the Mockery texture wad and sign off that you are an "Official Mockery Project" and turn you loose. Of course, you will be instantly welcomed for a Homepage here at Doomworld, following you keep the page nice and queer like this one.

    One more thing, if you are a member of the project, be expecting a mail in the very near future, asking wether you wish to stay on or not. From that time you will have 3 days to respond. No repsonse equals termination! HAHAHAHAHA!

September 6, 1998

    We're not dead... really we're not. I know the project should have been completed, but we have run into problems with people not bothering to do their levels and stuff. But the project is back on it's feet sorta and I'll begin weeding out the non-hackers sometime in the near future. In the meantime enjoy some decent levels like Overload.

June 30, 1998

    Added some new pics to the pics page... hope you like... I'll be adding some more soon.

June 29, 1998

    Linguica here. I've uploaded a Mockery storyline, so all of you know what exactly is going on :) Ignore any similarities you may see to other certain stories :)

June 28, 1998

    Wow, ten days away. Ok everyone... you have until July 10th to get those levels done. Send them to me with Mockery Level in the title! I'll be sending out an email about this soon as well. Let's go, I want this thing out by the end of July! Move it Move it Move it!

    BTW... in case any of you guys are interested, I got a mail from Romero himself that asked us to please send him a copy of Mockery when we finish it... he may be interested in turning a game out of it. (just kidding)

*off to do some other stuff...*

June 18, 1998

    Wooo! I finished off the texture wad! 30+ crap textures and about 10 new flats... plus new skies and some new graphics. I'll be sending a letter out to all the level designers telling them their assignment and where the was is. 8-) But you'll have to wait if you aren't a member of the team. 8-P

    Besides that... succome to the will of Mockery... and also download Doomjr... it's sucks worse than Mockery. 8-)

June 9, 1998

    Finally, schools over and we can begin working on Mockery in ernest. I want to try and get all textures in by this Friday and have an email out to all the level designers Saturday. Soon, very soon, by the end of July we should see Mockery released!

    Ok, next up, the original Mockery was reviewed over at Doomsters! It got a 4/10... which in itself is pretty sad, or maybe even good... depends on what point of view you have. The one thing that is totally pathetic is that there have been levels that have actually recieved scores lower than that! It only took me an hour to build the entire level (and do the graphic, demo, txt file, and uploads) and it still has beaten many other levels out there! *tsk tsk tsk*

Here is a cool little pic done by Rook.

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May 29, 1998

    That's it, we're over 32! No more level designers needed! Now we just need some midis! You can submit them here. Just put your name, and the name of the midi in the email and you'll be credited if we use it in the wad. Also, we have lost Dukrous from our list of level designers. Level designers be prepared, we'll soon be sending out an info filled email with the texture wad. So texture artists, you have about 1 to 1.5 weeks to get those crummy textures done. More on everything coming soon! We've also added a new pic on the pics page.

    BTW... to add to the list Ling posted last time, what about levels that aren't finished but posted anyway! Now those are just plain bad...

May 27, 1998

    Linguica here, with his views on this project.

Covaro and I decided that it won't do to just have 32 crappy levels. Problem is, a lot of the authors might have the same idea for their levels, and we don't want 12 levels which all feature one huge room with 20 Cyberdemons. Won't do at all, I tell you. So, we came up with this following list of 32 individual things which may be crappy about a level:

1) Misaligned textures
2) Sprite overload
3) Light levels
4) Too much health
5) Too much ammo
6) All slime
7) One room
8) HOMs
9) Sector heights
10) Bad thing usage (put trees indoors, lights in the middle of a courtyard)
11) Obvious secrets
12) Too many big monsters, no little ones.
13) Voodoo dolls
14) SS Nazis in a non Wolf3D style level
15) Pure maze level
16) Not texturing the walls of columns (making those weird-looking things where the column area seems to have a floor which comes right to you)
17) Doing a bunch of Special FX with no gameplay or detail value... just to say, look what I can do
18) Not pegging anything
19) All walls are doors
20) Textures don't follow consistent theme
21) All one texture
22) Writing words using linedefs
23) Thin-ass ledges
24) Fake walls... everywhere
25) Invisible walls
26) Obviously a slightly modified id level
27) Barrels everywhere
28) Non-obvious teleporters
29) Level designers logo all over the levels... like level is made by dave soo... have textures that say Dave@XXX.com wuz here or something similar
30) Using the Icon of Sin really weird (Like, using it multiple times, or using the individual textures for it by themselves)
31) Demon spawner that you cannot kill
32) Blocking your path with hanging bodies

This is only a preliminary list, and ideas might be added or dropped as time goes on. Each level will take one of these individual traits and just absolutely plaster it all over the level. While all levels might have misaligned textures and shoddy placement of light levels, the levels devoted exclusively to those topics would take it to the absolute extreme.

May 26, 1998

    Ok, wow... we are now at 22 level editors and have three guys on textures! Only ten more spots open for this Mockery... but anyone else thinking Mockery DM? Had some looks at preliminary levels of a few of the guys. Looking good, er um, I mean bad. Actually though, I may have to get the one level a little worse... why? Because it is almost decent! Also, to all the level editors on the team, don't try to finish up those levels too fast, we are going to have a load of really bad textures for you to mess with soon. Have fun with them, do something wierd with them... they be so bad, but funny at the same time! Anyone ever made textures by doing a jpg, then convert to gif and then to the Doom pallette? 8-)

    Also, added some screenies today. Go take a look!

May 25, 1998- Part Drei

    Again with the update... but things are moving so fast I must. More members, and more excitement. I've added an inspritations page (where you can download some wads that we can emulate.) for you to visit. Also, we've had an offer to do a story from Nu0o7. I'll probably take him up on the offer, seeing how I would do it, but I don't have alot of time. It should be really hilarious to read!

May 25, 1998- Part Deux

    Less than a day has passed and we are at ten members! That leaves 22 spots open! Come on people! We also need some fairly crappy midis and textures to go along with this stuff... if you can sumbit any textures or midis, zip them up and send them here. Please if, you are going to sign up as a level designer, use the form found on the members page (it is the only way I will recognize your request). Once we get around 15 or so, we can start working on level design. Also, we need some one who can do the level plates (ala GothicDM2 type thing, durig the intermission). Not that they need to be good, just someone to do them. 8-)

May 25, 1998

    Welcome to the official opening of the Mockery TC. This TC will be based around all the bad levels ever uploaded to Cdrom.com. Can you open a level editor? Well then we need your help... we are looking to get 32 level designers together, for each person to make one crappy level to build a big old mega-wad out of. We are also going to need some poor quality midis for the project, so scoure the net in search of the worst ones you can find! If you are interested, head on over to the members page to join up! Once you join up, you'll get the info needed to begin your level. But let's just say this, the levels should be short, and bad! No texture alignment, no real plan, just bad. But this'll be a good bad. Make the level beatable, and playable! And short enough so that a person doesn't get discouraged or bored playing Mockery!

Comments From The Team:

"Cause it's gonna kick ass!  Erm...it's gonna suck!!"

"It'll suck worse than any other TC ever made!"
Zebediah McClure

"This is a parody of the worst sort."
Psychotic Flambe

"Because im eleet and i have a large genitalia?"

"I can open a level editor and I made a few crappy levels in my day too."

"I can do plenty of demos that suck too."

"Because mockery quite sadly is NOT as bad as some levels I have seen! (For starters, it actually runs)"


"Because I've never made a level I've been proud of, it would be second nature to create a second rate TC. ALSO, I AM QUITE EXPERIENCED IN DEALING WITH LAMERS, AND QUITE CAPABLE OF EMULATING WANNABES. I can make anything crap :)"

"Cause this TC is gonna kick ass and I wanna be a part of it."

"So if Mockery is gonna be a crappy TC, what are we pros here for???"
piXel Mage Rex

Mockery is Copyrighted 1998 Doomworld

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