mock1.gif (22475 bytes)
A pic of the original Mockery level

A pic of a level in progress by Terje

A cool possible titlepic by Rook

All Slime All the Time

More Pics From Cyberdemon's level

Anyone figure out the theme of this level yet?

Hmm... could it be an exit?

Uh-oh... did Ling do this one?

What is wrong with that Mancubus?

Umm... what in the hell is that!?!?

Why is there a fireplace here?

Doom2 Map01 is Dead! Long Live Mockery Map01!

Revenants Attack!

Umm... what's wrong with this picture?

Oops... did I put an Archie in this level?

Demonspawner! AHHHH! Don't worry, they won't go anywhere!

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