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    2011 /idgames Participants


    A list of all /idgames submissions and updates between December 10th, 2010 and December 10th, 2011 has been created with the help of the fullsort file. The list contains sortable columns for Author, Upload date, Ratings and more. This sortable and clickable list was created by Jonathan from the original Excel file that TimeOfDeath created by hand with the help of fullsort. Both pages require Javascript and a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

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    The thing is, this data is already gathered and stored in a DB somewhere by Doomworld in order to power the /idgames web frontend. As far as I understand, the data is acquired via an automated task that reads the fullsort file, then extracts data from the .txt files of the new entries. But unfortunately it's not available as raw data through an API, just through the HTML.

    The ideal scenario would be if this data was exposed via some kind of Ajax API, using CORS headers to allow client-side mashups. The API could provide simple querying, sorting and paging, then others could build interfaces like mine on top of it.

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    Indeed the community at large stand to benefit significantly if /idgames sported an API like that. I don't even think something like CORS is necessary, a simple object graph query API with JSON result pages would more than suffice.

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    My bad, looks like it works in many recent browsers (I'd edit the post, but it's too late).

    printz - I wanted to start going back and make excel files for each year, but fullsort moves updated entries to the top of the list, so I would miss some entries if they got updated.

    If there isn't a way to get all the /idgames data automatically, I will make another excel file for 2012.

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