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    3000 Times Faster


    X-Doom has redesigned the ZDoom3K site. The pages should load a lot faster now. Jean-François also plans some PHP enhancements and the retrieval of visitor's options through cookies.

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    Created from software :
    WadAuthor v1.30
    Paint Shop Pro 5
    Corel Draw 8
    Corel Draw 9

    Cool Edit 96
    Microsoft Word97

    He actually USE coreldraw??? O_O

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    Just a mention about cookies. I hate them. I have them turned off in every sense of the word. I only enable them for two sites which I have to use (Hotmail and eGroups). Other than that, if a site "requires" that I have cookies on, I dont' go to that site. A lot of my friends and family are the same way.
    So, if/when you use cookies...don't make them mandatory for the viewer.

    Just my 2¢.


    Paul L. Ming

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    you don,t need to use cokkies to visit the site !
    It's just an option i will add to those you will want!

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    I'm completely with Pming on the subject of cookies.
    I absolutely loathe business practices that are for the company that are at the consumer's expense -- like shopper's cards.
    cookies are (majorically) for the site, not the person browsing.

    Come check out my new rollercoaster...
    oh, but you can't even see it unless you tell me who you are and where you're from.
    oh, but you can't ride it unless you give me an even more personal profile.
    oh, I'm sorry, you did the first two, but you're too short, so you're going to have to get back in line again...
    I sure miss regular html4 pages.
    cookies may very well become a mandatory part of every domain's practices in the future unfortunately...

    as for the site, it does navigate more smoothly than before... nice.

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    I like Julian. Everyone likes Julian. Julian is a nice guy, a cool guy, a friendly guy. Don't you like Julian?

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    Cookies are very useful if you are making web apps which use some form of user authentication/session handling. They've gotten a bad rep because of doubleclick et. al. But you should't fear the cookie. Embrace the cookie . . .

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