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    Afraid To Be Alone


    So you are afraid to play that last Doom level by yourself. Afraid you might get lost if someone doesn't hold your hand? Well, you need to stop by you friends at the Co-Op Certification Laboratory. They'll fix you right up. Their most recent mission, update some old Doom 2 levels for use in Co-op. So therefore, they now present to you Mission wads for DOOM II by Follereau Dominique (Co-op Version).

    In case you're wondering, the text file accompanying the original wads grants permission to modify/reuse them. We also prominently credit the original author
    There you guys go. Enjoy. And remember to check out all the other cool stuff they have listed throughout the site.

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    Guest Excalibur_Z


    This is a great idea, I'm looking forward to submitting my map once I'm finished with it - so nice to see there are others as interested in Co-op as I am.

    Post numero uno =) As for you Ling, you scripting Hissy-hogging fanatic, cheese off!! No longer will I write f1rst post and come up with something lame!

    It's a Hissy-based Doomworld revolution, uh, dammit!

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    Guest wondersmith


    Thanks for the plug, Covaro! Excalibur_Z, we'll be happy to test your map if it works OK with ZDOOM or PRBOOM.

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