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    Afterglow Blurps


    Derek updated The Afterglow with various blurps about, well, various things. He's put up a list of desired bug fixes and new features for the level editor DCK (although it's not very likely Ben Morris is going to listen); there's word about a new project by Richard Wiles called "The Slayer" (which doesn't have a website, silly him); a new version of the deathmatch project SurgeDM 2 due to a faulty nodesbuild on one of the maps; and finally he has uploaded various texture WADs to Walnut Creek.

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    A windows DCK-like sector editor would be the ultimate editor. Speed, reliability, external utilities support, in-game editing and texture manipulation... man, I wish I could program something more complex than my microwave...
    good buglist, btw...

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    If memory serves (which luckily in this case it does), Thomas Sturm was working on such an editor. It was called "DICK" (Doom Integrated Creation Kit) and was intended to be the uber editor. However, Thomas disappeared at the end of last year, and the page hasn't been updated since. It's located at http://www.doomworld.com/deskdoom/dick.

    Btw, didn't someone say Ben Morris lost the DCK source? If that's the case, compiling a bugs list/feature request is quite useless if a new version cannot be produced anyway.

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