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    Afterglow Is A Pompous Ass, or: How I Learned To Love Textures


    The Afterglow, one of Doomworld's oldest and least respected hosted sites, has been updated with news of the "may happen in our lifetime" release of Crucified Dreams, or "Crudreams" for the l33t among us.

    I suppose to next topic of discussion is the much maligned (wait, I mean forgotten) Crucified Dreams. Yes, it is still being worked on. It was started in 1998 but think of it this way: when I picked up the project from Covaro in March 2000, most of the maps in the project either sucked (Hi Pixel!) or were Gothic DM2 rejects.

    Way to pass the buck, AG! Just kidding, I love you. Just not in that way.

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    NiGHTMARE said:

    You can get rid off the stretched look by using Sector_SetCeilingScale & Sector_SetFloorScale.

    You can use them either in a script or as linedef types (188 and 189 respectively).

    I had tried that and wondered why scaling didn't seem to make slope flats look better. Today I took some screenshots of different passed in arguments to Sector_SetCeilingScale() but none of them seemed to differ. Ends up I was using the action type on linedefs the same way as 181:Plane_Align, but the problem was that the linedef was looking for a trigger to scale the sector. So I put them in an effin' open script and they look fine now. :/

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