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    Aliens Doom Updated


    The 'Aliens Doom' TC by Justin Fisher... those who were there in Doom's first hours sure remember this one. Andrew Francis has tweaked this classic to make it compatible with any Ultimate Doom source port.

    This version remedies texture problems including the hand rails and HOMs,critical bugs such as bad sidedefs and non-functional doors, addresses a fewplayability issues such the one-use switch in E2M7, fixes not being able towin the game in E2M8, includes a few minor balance tweaks such as amount ofammo/health in different difficulty levels, and a few minor aesthetic repairshave been made.

    I have NOT gone out of the way to change texture alignment or theme in anybut a few minor cases. I feel the appearance of the levels is part of thetrue atmosphere of this total conversion and shouldn't be altered.

    There you have it. You can grab the file from this site.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Woo-hoo, I've been waiting a long time for this!

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    That wasn't made on the comments thread - Quasar (James Haley) did the work, I just provided the webspace. Of course, 98% of the credit is Justin Fisher's :)

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    Guest Mightor


    I've just tried it, I have to remember how to disable MD2 for playing with ZDoomGl, or it looks wrong. JDoom does not support dehacked, or bex, I think, so that's out. Works great with glLegacy, especially if you put in the music CD from Alien VS Predator - sounds perfect! - but begs the question why even play Aliens Doom if you have Alien VS Predator?? Unless you're a sentimentalist like me. :-) I only wish those darn alien sprites were more hi-res.

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    I've never been able to get the damned thing to run in BOOM or regular DOOM (had a fatal missing sprite error in both). Maybe now I'll FINALLY be able to see it?!

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