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    Amiga History Lesson of Doom


    Ant sends word of a video posted today to the Ahoy YouTube channel: Doomed: The Embers of Amiga FPS. It's a history lesson of sorts where you can learn about the many Doom clones created for a hardware platform that was nearing the end of its life cycle at the time.

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    Nice video. I played most all of those games back in the mists of time. Except Citadel which I'd never heard of. I'll have to find a copy somewhere now!

    I really love AB3D (always wanted a Doom TC of it) and Gloom Deluxe. Gloom Deluxe, though simple in some ways, had some really nice touches like transforming architecture, interesting Easter Eggs and the obvious gore. Being rushed by a mob of skinheads was always fun!

    AB3D just drips atmosphere for me. My level of nostalgia for that game is probably what most of you guys feel for Doom. AB3D was my Doom. Well, until the source code was released and I could finally play the real deal on the Miggy... Good times, if a little sad... :)

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    surprise stuff. before the late amiga phase i had already sold my amiga. so i didnt know any of these games.

    is the video maker showing doom & heretic ports on amiga? is this the real amiga grafic?

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    I can't wait to watch this, I was part of that era of the Amiga scene, in fact that's when I could finally afford to get on board... when the Amiga was "commercially" dying.

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    It's a pity that the Amiga as a gaming platform literally found itself bent over and panties down once 3D textured graphics hit the scene. The planar video modes just killed the performance, and for a platform that so far had relied on its custom chips to distance itself from its IBM PC & Compatibles adversaries, that was the final blow. It didn't help that the available CPUs were stuck in the previous decade, either.

    Perversely, those same custom chips had given the Amiga quite an edge in untextured polygonal graphics (fast fills...), but as soon as textures came along (with the programming necessity of being able to simply write a pixel where you want it), it fell flat on its face.

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    Maes said:


    I fully agree. By this 8th gen of consoles (let alone the 7th), this approach had clearly worn thin and the "dumb, raw, but many computrons" for 3D graphics had proven more viable and thus consoles are now pathetically low-end PCs but with needless restrictions. Consoles themselves are on their way out, but in the end, if endless computing power is affordable to the average man, I prefer that over specialized hardware if it means future titles are more viable while past titles are easily emulatable.

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