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    An Imp In The Vault


    The Adrenaline Vault presents an interesting interview featuring supporting characters from various FPS titles. For DOOM, it's our trusty Imp that shamelessly answers questions.

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    Wonder if when the imps are playing soccer with Lost Souls if they bully around the Mancubus when a space marine can't figure out a map...

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    Guest Ike654


    Brittish accent, huh? I wonder if the author of this ever read the "StarCraft Outtakes" fanfic my friend and I wrote. We had a brittish zergling in it that was practicing his growling. This is like the second time I've seen a simularity like this.

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    Ike654: well it's a quite common pitch. To have something as brutal as an Imp talk with a brittish accent. Since it's a contradiction in terms.

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    It's only natural that the Imp have a British accent. Afterall, Britain has always been the aggressor in all of their "colonizing" efforts.

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