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    Apocalypse Reborn


    More cut and paste goodness for you tonight:[quote] After getting some suggestions and comments on the maps I have completely reworked the thing placement in each map. I downloaded the TCount program from CDROM and used the original id maps as a benchmark to implement the skill settings. I made the maps a bit more difficult than the average id map. I also fixed a bug on E1M2. I have updated my maps page, but the maps on CDROM haven't been updated yet. I think the maps play much better now and if I do nay other maps in this series, I'll use the same method. The TCount ratios are in the maps text files.</blockquote></font>For the updated maps, you can of course get them at Rick's page. Now, if only every level author would listen to user comments and try to fix their stuff up like this.

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    How about the fact that most authors DON'T get feedback from people. There may be some encouraging but non-constructive feedback like "it was cool" but most people don't even take the time to write 1 paragraph about what they thought on the level. Rick probably only gets feedback because he is persistant and post in the forums asking what people think.

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