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    Arctic Wolf News


    We got an email from Laz of WolfenDoom about the upcoming re-release of Arctic Wolf:

    The release of the hybrid Mac/PC upgraded version of Operation: Arctic Wolf has been pushed back to the end of October. Reason 1: I'm working on three new maps, including a special deathmatch map. Reason 2: I haven't done much work on it over the past week because I've been playing Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. ;) Playing EF has also given me a few ideas for some new features I'm going to try to implement in Arctic Wolf.

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    The entire wad was gray. it had very authentic feel/look and all but it just got dull to run up and down these sub marine bases and whatever.

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    Arctic Wolf was pretty gray. However it did have a very immersive atmosphere, which is a good thing.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    It had a really good atmosphere, but I didn´t like the fact that you had that most of the opponents had so much Health. It wasn´t fast paced and that´s my critic. Maybe I´ll make my own WolfenDoom some day...hmmmmmmm...

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    Yeah I guess Arctic Wolf was pretty white and gray, I really miss that Red and Blue snow! ;) The colors realistically fitted the environment, and it was a great conversion, IMO... But who am I defending, Ebola, Prower, I guess I was wrong could you send me your own WolfenDoom version? I'm sure someone of such intelligence wouldn't make such biased, unreliable comments unless they had a better product! Right? Right?


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    Looks like the release will have to be pushed back at least another two weeks. Reason? Why, Arctic Wolf: The Colorful Edition, of course! Red and blue snow, green skies, yellow submarines, purple concrete... Yes, it'll be absolutely filled with enough jarring hues to wake up even the most jaded Doom player. Stay tuned.

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