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    Artist Paints Doom Monsters

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    Not bad. The cacodemon works really well. The others feel more amateurish; as imps and demons are more believable as existing beings than cacodemons, more humanoid, more complex, the cartoonish outlines are more jarring on these drawings than on the image of the simple and unbelievable cacodemon - ie. imps and demons have a high ideal level of "realism," so a cartoonish portrayal of them will be further from that ideal, while cacodemons are so unreal that a cartoonish portrayal is as realistically as they can be portrayed, therefore such a portrayal feels "realistic." It's a shame that the artist didn't, perhaps couldn't, draw the imp and demon more "realistically," to match the "real" aesthetic, because gritty is real, and a shame also that these images don't deviate more from the source sprites.

    The longer I revise this the less sense it makes. Good luck.

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    Yeah, the caco stands out most because of the grittier coloration, giving it a dreamy aspect. The demon is perhaps a bit clean and thus too similar to the sprite. The imp isn't bad, as it gives the impression of being drawn on some sort of parchment.

    The imp seems to be equipped for impse, though it's not clear whether on the receiving or delivering end :p

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    Hey there everybody,

    Thanks for checking out my Doom pieces! To those of you who like them I appreciate all the kind words here, and to those of you who don't thanks for looking anyway, haha.

    To answer any questions, yes of course these drawings are based on the actual sprites, that was actually my intention. I took the tiny little sprites from the game and redrew them like a thousand percent and added my own style to them.

    I wasn't trying to be original or legendary, I simply did these because Doom really did change my life, and I wanted to put my own spin on its look :)

    If anyone has any questions or anything let me know, I'm happy to talk about anything!

    Brandon Duncan

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    dutch devil said:

    I like the Cacodemon the most. I wouldn't mind having that one in poster form and with an nice frame :)

    Hey Dutch Devil,

    If you really want a framed print e-mail me at bd@corporatedemon.com and I'll give you some prices and options. Glad you like it!

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    Patrick said:

    awesome stuff man! I really like the look of these, I might just have to get the imp :D

    Cool, if you want just send me an e-mail :) Thanks!

    By the way I was a member of these forums years and years ago...So it was pretty crazy when I checked my Google Analytics and I saw I was getting some activity from here (that's how I found out you guys were talking about me, I'm sneaky like that ;)

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    The Lag said:

    again, i like the caco the most but i still wouldn't mind seeing your art in a mod...

    That would be awesome, I would love to do that, I just simply don't have the time to do all the sprites for everything in the game like these. Each of these took me about 5 or 6 hours each, at least...

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    If anyone is interested here is my latest (and probably the last) of my Doom Bestiary works. This time I put my own spin on them :)

    ***edit*** decided it wasn't quite ready yet, making a few revisions, updated link coming in a bit :)

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