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    At The Speed Of Bad Maps


    The ol' Mock 2 page has been updated with news that Mock 2 was deleted accidently, but then they got it undeleted and stuff. Also there are some 1337 screenies up for your viewing pleasure. I still love this one the best though. Can't go wrong with three billion cacodemons in view at once I always say.

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    There's so many of them, it looks like it's dusk and you're viewing the lights of a fairly large city from above.

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    Epyo said:

    Heh, took me a while to figure out that newer news is at the BOTTOM of the news page!

    Me too. How lame. Oh wait..

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    stphrz said:

    Bah! Those guys suck. I can do worse than that :P

    No You can't I can do even worse than you If you want a bad map ask me and i'll make you one! :)

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    Stphrz: Maybe you can do worse. But can you make it worse and funny?

    I mean, a square room with an exit switch is bad, but it's not as funny as--say--a room made entirely of randomly moving lifts.

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    deathz0r said:

    heh, i wanted to make map20 more harder than what it already is, but hyena wouldn't let me. =\

    Hmmmm...Hold that thought....

    ..Lemme go get my violin..

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