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    Back To The Origins


    Tired of forseeing the future, the soothsayers over there at the Presage site have updated their Vrooomer Coda pages with the regular package of new demos. What's unusual if that one of the wad visited, called origwad.wad, could be the very first pwad publicly available. It wouldn't be surprising, given what Jeff Bird, the author, tells about his creation:

    It is rather simple since I cannot generate the nodes structure for anything much more complex than this. This level has been generated entirely by hand. No editors were used to produce it.
    Now, if you really wanna be oldschool, get a hexadecimal editor.

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    Login my a$$. I'm not going to register for downloads.

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    Guest j00 equals ded


    too bad im sure its his pride getting in the way...

    im sure it was not the first pwad publicly released.

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    Guest UAC PR Dept.


    Boycott Newdoom!
    All being hosted on Doomworld, Doomcenter, or Newdoom means is that your domain name matches the subject matter. There are many other free hosting options that are a helluvalot better. Here's one: www.myqth.com. 100Mb, free. One banner. Free subdomain. None of that annoying shit. Or so it said last time I was by there. I'm not personally hosted there because I never got around to polishing up my site for release... (nor would it be worth visiting anyway, due to lack of content)

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