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    Belated Christmas Post


    Belated because I was e-mailed about this on Christmas, yet forgot to post it...anyways, Ismaele has updated his Outpost of Doom with five screenshots of his latest project. Strangely, they look like they were taken in low detail mode (horizontal pixel doubling). He's also reviewed the first hub of RTC-3057.

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    Yeah! Now I remember... I took those screenshots last summer, when I was in countryside and I had my old 15'' monitor, so that I had to work with low resolution and I got those low-quality screenshots! I'll replace them with new ones as soon as possible. Thanks for your advice! :-)

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    I looked again at the screenshots of my "Dimensional Gate: Not Another Doom!" project and they look good: I couldn't notice any flaw; they don't look low-res at all! What's strange, Bloodshedder? I am sure that they don't look bad!

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    I don't know, maybe Doom is just a lot uglier looking than I remembered. Just to check my sanity, look at your Display Options in ZDoom and make sure Detail Mode is set to Normal.

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    Everything seems to be OK... my Display Options and Detail Mode are good and I couldn't notice anything wrong... I suppose it's just a visual effect... maybe you expected something more from my levels...! :P Which screenshots do you think were taken at low resolution? (Notice that every screenshot is at 1024x768!)

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