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    Bella Episode


    Paul Corfiatis has let us know about the release of his brand-new ZDoom episode Bella. Get more info about this 10-level episode (plus 2 secret levels) at its page.

    10 all new levels for Doom2, full of new surprises and challenges which will test your skill to the limit. You now face 7 all new monsters, all modified clones of originals. There are 3 types of new Cacodemons, one with a brown eye, another with a grey eye and another rarely seen one with a red eye.

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    I'm gonna try it out. But to be honest, I despise pallette remaps of the D2 monsters - they repulse me, so I don't know if I'm gonna be able to play this.

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    From what I saw, they weren't that bad. It even has Hell Knight spectres. That red eyed Cacodemon seemed to have a few glitches though.

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    Whats this obsession with stealth enemies in recent wads? Am I the only one that finds them outright irritating?

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    Ichor: Your right, there isn't any full pallete recolour enemies. Which is good, because they always look really cheap to me.

    I liked map32, the way you had to hide every time you heard the train was about to pass a cyberdemon.

    The rest I couldn't be bothered to play. It had a cyberdemon on the first two levels for Christ's sake, and too many of the larger enemies.

    Assmaster: I'd be inclined to agree. Which is why I'm making the Beacon mod - every enemy frame is a brightsprite, so they have no stealth whatsoever.

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    Whoa, Paul Corfiatis is still active! Good news indeed.

    Paul Corfiatis is still as eccentric as he use to be, but this is a great push forward in terms of difficulty. Invisible monsters in all sizes shapes and flavours, hardly a level without a cyberdemon and the new monsters can be really mean.

    People who are fans of Virgil the Doom Poet should check out this stuff as it is quite obviously inspired by him.

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