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    Best Wishes


    It's been a slow news day, but you can still drop by Sgt. Crispy's to wish him a happy 21st birthday. He says he'll be spending it playing The Darknening, which is what everyone's been doing lately. Nothing else. The whole city has been barricaded. It's like The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Cheers.

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    Guest Mad Cow Disease


    Okay, I saw mention of Wolfendoom on the page, and I really have to know what everyone thought was so great about it. <P>I kind of liked the gameplay, but I keep getting really frustrated because the enemies and weapons act way too differently than they did in Wolfenstein, like mutants shooting fireballs, machine gun operating like a shotgun, and it takes a significant amount of bullets to take down a dog, whereas in Wolfenstein, a single bullet would kill them.

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    Well that's the gameplay mechanics of DOOM for ya when you're trying to emulate Wolfenstein. A custom source port for WolfenDOOM might help to lessen the differences. IMO though, WolfenDOOM is incredibly fun and it's a real shame that it will be closing down for the time being.

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