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    Better almost late than never


    Sarge Baldy let us know a few days ago that he will be holding a speedmapping session in #zdoomvets on irc.oftc.net on Sunday the 10th at 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT, 7 PM GMT).

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    I think if this is going to be run from an IRC channel, it should be done from one dedicated to the purpose, and where half the community isn't already banned. I mean, it just makes sense.

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    Eh. Less people are banned from #zdoomvets than #zdoom. I don't see why this is a new complaint. And I don't especially see a need for a special speedmapping channel when the present one works just fine and discussion actually does stay more on the topic of speedmapping than they ever did in #zdoom.

    The session went pretty well, seeing as the announcement was posted 4 days late.

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    I just don't think that speedmapping participation should be limited by independent channel policies, especially if it's going to be regularly promoted by Doomworld :P I would feel the same if it were being held in #zdoom.

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    I don't think it should either. If someone had PMed me with a request, I'd have been happy to oblige it. I agree that speedmapping sessions should supersede channel policy.

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