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    Carmack Interview


    VoodooExtreme has posted part one of a lengthy interview with John Carmack, with some of the questions submitted by other industry champs like Valve's Gabe Newell and Epic's CliffyB. As you might imagine, much of the talk is about the new Doom game, and specifically its engine. Here's a sample:

    Voodoo Extreme -- Given that you've made a public declaration that Id has the strongest programming team it's ever had, what's your personal role in the software development? Up til now it would appear that you've always had your hands in whatever is going on, is this going to change in the development of Doom3?

    [John Carmack] -- Jim [ Dose - new programmer, formerly of Ritual] and Robert [Duffy] have large blocks of code in the new game and UI scripting that I haven't ever looked at, and Graeme's sound system will be another one. Jan Paul's bot code in Q3 is one big black box to me.

    It has been a strong temptation to just say "I am working with Smart People, they can handle it", but that would not be a good plan. I need to build up more discipline about reviewing all parts of the code, because my global knowledge of all aspects of the project has always been an important part of making good decisions.

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    1st post! Woo! Look at me! I'm so clever! I can type words before anyone else! You should all be so impressed with me!!! etc, etc ad nauseum.

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    Guest Firebrandt


    Has anyone noticed how when Carmack refers to the classic Doom he spells it "Doom" and when he refers to the new Doom he spells it "DOOM"?

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    It's funny how we see each engine id produces, and it completely blows away anything else in the world (as far as FPS engines), and then a year or so later to hear how poorly it was done (in their eyes).

    DOOM, Quake, Quake 2, and now Quake 3 were all this way. Parts where no one else knew about, or things that are not well done. Amazing. I can't believe that Carmack didn't know about every facet of Quake 3, with all he has learned about previous projects.

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    Guest Lt. Taggart


    Edge fucking rocks man. I just started a complete overhaul of the Hacx resources. Within one day of installing Edge i started upgrading Hacx. For anyone who ever wanted to see the Uzi reload like any other Uzi well it is done. Not only is there a reloading Uzi but the pistol from Hacx is in the procces of being worked on. I will be redoing most of the resources in Edge. If anyone wants to contribute any of there work to the project please e-mail me.

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