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    Carmack Phone Home


    Update at Johnny C's blog outlining what he's been doing when not working on id's next game or with Armadillo Aerospace, if that's even still an entity. What is it you ask? Cell phones, hence my hilarious headline. Hilarious I say! Here's a snip:

    I have a small list of games that I think would work out well, but what I decided to work on is DoomRPG – sort of Bard’s Tale meets Doom. Step based smooth sliding/turning tile movement and combat works out well for the phone input buttons, and exploring a 3D world through the cell phone window is pretty neat. We talked to Jamdat about the business side of things, and hired Fountainhead Entertainment to turn my proof-of-concept demo and game plans into a full-featured game.

    Read the rest of the update if you hate Java like John hates Java. Also if you're not a programmer, you may want to wait for the version with subtitles to come out.

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    To a first approximation, I don’t really like talking to most people

    Oh John and his out of place scientific jargon, how we love him.

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    Well actually he's pretty positive about Java as a pc-based language, just not for cell phones.

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    And just the ohter day I was looking to see if I could play doom on my cell phone....hopefully this will suffice along with the duke nukem mobile I already have :P

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