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    Carmack Speaks Forth


    Over the past week a couple more John Carmack posts have been spotted on Slashdot. The first one was posted as a response to a news item on the current state of 3D FPS games, and talks albeit briefly about the modifiability of Wolfenstein 3D versus Doom. The second post comes in a discussion on OpenGL, and gives some more insight on Direct3D versus OpenGL as well as the state of the hardware that both APIs support. Thanks to mewse for pointing these items out.

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    Guest tungsten


    He used to use C. I haven't heard anything that he was using Forth. (stupid grin)

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    I was going to say, you don't read slashdot under any circumstances ever do you ari? :P

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    I used to read it with some frequency. Until they posted an article of an interview with some pseudoscience crackpot who believed in reincarnation and the like ... and took it seriously. That's when I quit reading it.

    I never, ever, posted on it though.

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    Guest demoness


    goddamn carmack writes alot! i read that article until my fucking eyes bled!

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