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    Certain News


    Myk Helnyte re-organized and re-designed the pages about his project, "Certain Doom". He also posted news that he was in need for musicians to compose three intermission tracks. Contact him if you can help.

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    I could help you out Myk. Contact me so that we can arrange a meeting on irc or anything. Tho I'd like to know what style of track you'd like.

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    Heh, just shows the Doom newsies never check the pages they update about =p I quote:

    "For the first episode, you are lost on an alien moon, there's uncertain hazards beyond, it can have a tech-like style. For the second one, a more ominous, gothic tune would do. For the third, a threatening, strange tune."

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    Just saw that after having posted... Silly me... I had a lot of posts to make today (btw thanks to AndrewB for his help).

    I read everything I post about (first to check the urls and then to have some stuff to write obviously), but I admit I've done that rather quickly today... my bad... :/

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    I know you know Nick ;)

    But this explanation was rather for Myk (some kind of apology).

    I love you all doomers, keep me posted with news about your work :)

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    cool. i'll hop onto #doom these next few days in case you need any additional specifications

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