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    Chocolate Doom 1.2.0 released


    Chocolate Doom version 1.2.0 has been released in celebration of Doom's 15th anniversary, as usual providing both precompiled binaries for Windows operating systems and source code for whatever else you may wish to run it on. It contains numerous bug fixes and features, and is highly recommended to any serious old-school Doomer.

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    It's actually kind of weird releasing this, because I've been working for the past few months on raven-branch and the stable branch seems ancient now :-)

    I hope you guys all like it, though.

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    Da Spadger said:
    I liked the old icon better. :V

    That's explained somewhere. The old icon has an imp, which is copyrighted material from id, and Chocolate Doom aims to be fully free.

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    Da Spadger said:

    I liked the old icon better. :V

    I'm going to have to second this one. Luckily a friend of mine had the old icons stashed somewhere.

    The best thing about this release though is that DEH support is pretty much spot-on. All those old weapon mods with 83K deh files now work properly.

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    I would have loved to have kept the old icon but it was based on the copyrighted Doom graphics. The debian Chocolate Doom package was already being patched to remove the icon, so I decided to do it properly. I asked around to see if anyone would make a free replacement but nobody seemed interested, so I made one myself. It's not the best icon but it's good enough in my eyes.

    Of course, you're free to patch the old icon back in if you want, but it seems like a rather pointless effort.

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