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    Choose Your Own Speedmapping


    Pointing your browser to Doomworld, a news post catches your eye. "Choose my own speedmapping?" you read with wonder. What does that bald old veteran want with me?

    You are a mapper. It is in your blood. You create worlds, and reek havoc upon them. It is your calling. Join me. Join me on IRC. In #zdoom. Together we will create, and we will destroy. The countdown begins Saturday, at 11:00 on the American west coast, 14:00 on the east. 19:00 if you choose to map from Stonehenge.

    The clock is ticking.

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    I don't mean to sound like the Unabomber, but I'd like this posted just as it is. I'm not going to hold anything if this is edited, as I mean for it to help set up the theme. I know the whole rule about now announcing your own projects, but I'm only the moderator. Anyway, I said last time that I would give it a try.

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    Yay speedmapping! Too bad you chose the weekend where I also have to study for my exam. :P But I will be there

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    sargebaldy said:

    Hooray for joblessness!

    I vote for today friday to start the speedmapping. :P

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    Sure. Sweep the mental cobwebs out and whatnot. Hopefully my time zone and DST calculations aren't all cocked up.

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    Thanks for letting me have MAP01 this time around. :)

    That was a fun session, and the results were pretty nice for everyone. I actually found the first several maps quite fun to play, especially the one by TheGreenHerring. Also, Dr. Zin's map with the arachnotrons and islands was pretty fun too, and hard to believe a map that large was done in so little time (despite the simplicity). I wish everyone wouldn't have basically used the same theme and monsters, but it was still fun to play through nonetheless.

    Here's the link to the wad in case anyone is interested or missed it: http://uoregon.edu/~lloyd/sbspd021.zip

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